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    What would it take for this to stop being a meme and become a legitimate complaint again?

    Already got two competitive/static sidelanes.

    but u said dota was fun :(

      Stop blaming. Buy your own observer and sentry from time to time not every opportunity, you are not a support. You buy those for you. Maybe for once, stop blaming and focus on what you need to do, not on what others have to do. Buying those wards you would only lose around 175 gold. Seems to me that you'd rather lose the game.


        Wtf? You totally misunderstood me :-)

        Back in the day, mids early game duties included ganking the side lane. That evolved to supports rotating mid. Roaming worse now, all lanes contested. At some point mid farm is worse for team than ganking a sidelane

        Rubick Fanboy

          No one cares

          Abyss Watcher

            Thats why mid heroes who needs levels are more popular rn cuz they can survive on their own while letting your team focus on the sidelanes


              sometimes trying to gank lanes for mid laners can actually lose them the game, ur better of asking your offlane to gank/ countergank

              rain markcawat

                Mid tower = 2/3 map control