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What appened to my games? in General Discussion

    Hello i started climbing like 10 months ago and i was going very well for what i care, i climbed from 2k to 3.5k.and i was keeping growing, learning and climbing when i had to stop from any online game for 3 months, than i come back home and i lost almost 1k in 1 month ahah
    I just suck bad now especially becouse i was cold before and used to leader the game and never rage; now i shout in vocal chat to others players and play stupid and yolo , totally cant play core well...
    Also before i stop was playng whit cool people and almost normal dota (still trash ok but quality trash lol) now i see 4 carry pick , or jungle players ,lot of haters,and a lot of real new players and thats really strange!! it feel wierd!
    Is this normal?its the summer? :D
    Its just me throwing becouse i lost my skill?
    Tnx for the answers and jokes :D


      it is summer aka weekend dota everyday

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      play for fun

        i recommend watching purgegamers guide it will easily take you to divine bracket