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General Discussion7.20 Released on 19th Nov

7.20 Released on 19th Nov in General Discussion

    What changes do you want?
    Personally, I want MK to be buffed, Enigma's talent that improve blackhole, and Spirit Vessel to get nerfed.

    Monkey King
    Monkey King's level 10 talent improved from +300 Tree Dance Vision AOE to +450 Tree Dance Vision AOE (
    Tree Dance cast point improved from 0.4 to 0.1
    Boundless Strike cooldown improved from 22 scnds to 22/20/18/16
    Boundless Strike stuns duration increased from 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6 to 0.6/1.0/1.4/1.8 scnds

    Improvement on lvl 10 talents would be appreciated since it will allow MK to see Rosh pit inside clearly at night time using tree dance on tree near rosh.

    Enigma lvl 10 talent changed from 15% magic resistance to 12% magic resistance
    Enigma lvl 25 talent changed from +5 Malefice Instances to +0.5 Blackhole duration
    Midnight Pulse now do damage at the intervals of 0.5 scnds instead of 1
    Blackhole now do damage at the intervals of 0.5 scnds instead of 1
    (total dmg still same)

    Spirit Vessel healing reduction reduced from 70% to 55%


      Enigma needs a nerf, mk is fine the way he is


        Enigma only need nerfs for his eidolon, but Blackhole already so bad the way it is. I think Enigma nerf on his eidolon talent also needed, reduce eidolon bonus dmg talent and the number of bonus eidolon from lvl 25 talent

        I want to see Enigma that revolves around optimizing blackhole instead of getting tanky and relies on early afvantage of denying ranged creep with Eidolons


          And MK not fine the way it is now, compared to other meta heroes like TB or PL.
          MK that maxed skill 1 and 3rs get shredded and so bad compared to TB or PL ever since Battlefury nerf.


            Spec, Lone Druid, Dark Seer, and Weaver reworks. Make techies more than a hero that can just delay the game for a million years.
            And I expect a bunch of talent tree changes. Plus I feel Mars getting released is a given. Hopefully a new item or two. Armor changes. Deny changes.

            And if I could have anything, I want poormans shield back in some form.

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              nerf enigma... many people doing in my bracket enigma and lich combo. instant deny and catapolt wave enigma gets helm domi, 10 mins with 2 catapolt wave plus lich armor 😂 instant tower push.

              enigma already played 3v1 before, with this 2v2 meta people rush
              domi and mek. lich and enigma combo is so devastating.


                thats why I said, Enigma eidolon need a massive nerf, but the blackhole need to be buffed. Seriously, 200 scnds CD for a 4 scnds channeling stun with 220 dmg? I know it pierces BKB, but who would have BKB at 10 min mark of the game

                One True Merchant

                  Buff Mask of Madness

                  joan elise

                    rework on dazzle's talents
                    his talent tree is awful

                    undo changes to chen's send home which made it 6 second delay at all levels
                    scale it back down to 3 or 4 seconds
                    change chen aghs back to 30 second cd on hand of god instead of 1/2/3 ancient creeps
                    enchantress has the same ability on the talent tree, for free, and it's not limited

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                      Nobody gives a fluck about what you want. Valve will do whatever the heck they feel like

                      joan elise

                        obviously. the point is curiosity of what other people feel needs to change
                        nobody is under the delusion that valve is going to read this and implement these suggestions

                        masonxdGenius (100-1)

                          sk mov speed buff


                            U noob not know mk is op lol


                              I know, thats I why I always said "Personally/I want", I just want to know what other people want to change in the next patch.
                              I know valve won't even bother reading this.


                                MK is OP only after his jingu mastery got 2 lvls and enemy team got no burst or disable (for example, a lineup consist of PA and BH early game). MK is now trash compared to terrorblade who dont need to stack 4 hits before having massive damage.
                                Also, ever since all attributes reworks, all kind of raw armor increase item is waste since agi heroes + more agi = Insane armor. This is why TB who got insane agi growth of 4.2 is really good and MK whose ult now provides armor instead of dmg is pretty bad.


                                  honestly i want them to buff trashcan heroes to be playable again,that's all


                                    Buff razor, sf, slardar, dazzle, dp, dk, od. So many trash heroes this patch


                                      Now that u mention it, this patch has many unplayable heroes that if you insist picking them, you will get stomped hard. Once I was using OD, the early game was absolute trash, Astral Imprisonment has almost no cast range, and maxing Arcane Orb without maxing Essence Aura first is out of question. I can't believe how fast OD runs out of mana at lvl 6 with 2-1-3-0 build. But, the midgame isn't a problem and still can burst down so fast with just hurricane pike + dagger.

                                      I dont think Dazzle is that trash this patch, Poison Touch rework makes Dazzle a very strong hero for trading hits.

                                      Razor--- Isn't that bad, but 50 scnds CD static link is very punishing if Razor dont use it correctly early game.

                                      Slardar is just bad because of agility reworks, making almost every agi type hero has 30++ armor late game. Especially Morpling or TB who can reach 50++ armor, making slardar -20 armor pretty much negligible. (Keep in mind that before the change most heroes only have 15-25 armor)

                                      As for DK, he is still good tanky, slow but steady hitter, he is good but don't fit in the meta.


                                        dk is playable,others are just pretty trash even puck

                                        design by subtraction

                                          make sandking great again
                                          sk great again = instant divine

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                                            SK was one of my heroes to get to ancient 5. His insta stun is just too good, combined with 11 scnds CD and long-range initiation on late game. Absolutely excels on catching enemy offguard and smoke-ganking. Also one of the best hero to catch Sniper and Drow,
                                            I always combined SK with eul + hex or even abyssal blade for further disable.


                                              but Tribo said that patch is coming this evening?


                                                Who is tribo??


                                                  buff scorpion pls

                                                  Del Monte

                                                    Any Abaddon buffs will do


                                                      Buff BH track to not be cleansed

                                                      and maybe talent to make track area effect so u can track em all

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                                                      Kaptain KKona

                                                        Revert Omniknight to pre 7.00

                                                        Smile Protector

                                                          Buff BH track to not be cleansed

                                                          this reads like those terrible chinese ads on ebay


                                                            daily reminder blackhole deals 200 400 600 pure damage in aoe+4 second stun

                                                            long cd tho


                                                              Techies buffs because I love tears. Aghs changes to Oracle, SB, Beastmaster, Silencer (mute sound, chat, and voicechat for 30 seconds) Kotl (can activate daytime status for 30 seconds and overrides darkness). Armor changes (probably the only thing people will take seriously in this post). Rework DK, Naga, Puck, and Slardar.

                                                              Rework bloodstone, atos rod, and diffusal. A new summon item. A new Divine Rapier level item that can be dropped.

                                                              New neutral creeps and buffs to the old neutrals. After the 15 minute mark two neutrals can become empowered and become five times stronger. Defeating one will give you a special buff for 2 minutes. New bosses that can spawn besides roshan.

                                                              Tu tayta

                                                                Rather than buff Black Hole, I'd rather have Berserker's Call (which does everything the former does on a 10 sec CD, isn't channeled and if Axe is disabled, they are still left standing helpless) nerfed.


                                                                  demonic convertion no longer work on ally creep at level 1. That one would be great

                                                                  Smile Protector

                                                                    if Axe is disabled

                                                                    axe is always disabled

                                                                    Pile 'o' poo

                                                                      Give aghs to literally every hero. I wanna watch the world burn

                                                                      Your Team Mate

                                                                        The problems are not hero's it's the current basis of the Game:

                                                                        it's basically heros of the storm meta, hero's is signficantly harder to solo carry the game, because their isn't much room for advantage to be created by higher skill, it can be done but the difference is smaller

                                                                        Now in Dota 2 the advantage of one team over another tends to be way way more significant compared to past meta's because of the innate strength of hero's and drafting, and the innate weakness of items and farming compared to building gold and kills and comeback gold which is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS right now.

                                                                        7.00 Carry with 20K networth at 30 minutes carries game easily, gets rampage easily.

                                                                        7.19 Carry with 20K networth at 30 minutes gets one shot by pudge, one shot by sky wrath mage, one shot by lina, one shot by blademail axe call and they get 2k gold for killing him. GG

                                                                        that's the problem with the game right now, and to fix it they need to understand that, over 43 patches they keep buffing and buffing hero's till the items are pointless, the spells and passives and talents are all that matter now.

                                                                        in 6.86 Zeus has 1.2k HP and 5 armor at lvl 20 and 5k networth, in 7.19 Zeus has 2.2k HP and 17 armor at lvl 15 with 5k networth

                                                                        in other words as time goes by and with each single patch hero's generally get stronger and stronger but all the items do about the same amount of damage, Hero's Like TA who havent recieved stat or damage buffs unlike everyone else are at the bottom of the meta and Items are way less relevant compared to spellsets now. Making the carry role and the importance of skill less meaningful.

                                                                        How to fix it? Buff all the High Cost Items in the game, Buff jungle camp values, nerf Building Gold and especially especially comeback gold, the result is that draft and what hero's you play matters less than your skill in laning and playing the map for its gold, opening the playing field of what hero's are viable.


                                                                          Wukong commands increase agi


                                                                            Wukong commands increase agi

                                                                            Despair | 絶望

                                                                              Dazzle has always been playable but heavily relies on the match-up, especially when Axe became a staple pick across all brackets. Even Bara is getting attention these days. The 2v2 lane meta works pretty well for Dazzle players, well at least for me.


                                                                                Honestly given the current meta I'd like to see a reduction of cooldowns AND a damage reduction.

                                                                                I wouldn't mind seeing Boundless strike cooldown lower from 22 to 19-16-13-10 but reduce stun duration and damage to like 1.2/175% max.
                                                                                It currently feels bad to use it at the start of the fight. Being able to drop one to control & then one while having Jingu up would be QoL change.

                                                                                I kinda feel like all durations/dmg need to be rescaled on heroes with long cooldowns -- give them lower CD instead.

                                                                                I also think SF needs something to prevent soul loss. An active that allows to get extra souls only for a small duration like 12s & if it was active at the time of death you remain at max souls.
                                                                                Would allow him to retain that glass cannon role he has while not having to suffer from buyback/death during highground.

                                                                                Slardar needs bash to apply Haze with an early game talent & remove that retarded -apem 40% bash bullshit that's as useless as it's OP late game with 6 real items.

                                                                                Agreed with matrice ; Conversion needs to be allied only for 1-2 levels or make it a lvl 10 talent.

                                                                                I also really want QoP to have some interaction between dagger & ult like Hag had in HoN. Would bring her back from irrelevancy.

                                                                                Desolator needs a change or an upgrade. Maybe a recipe with a Sacred Relic so we have an item other than rapier & Daedalus that deal over 100 dmg!


                                                                                  NAGA ! I wish she were more than just Song of the Siren. She's really just too weak since way too long.

                                                                                  She's been a weak ass niche support pick for way too long.

                                                                                  King of a Higher Plane

                                                                                    Razor needs some love bad hero feels dead. Potential buffs id want are have static links break range increased.
                                                                                    Potentially changing his 3rd to apply mute or stun enemies hit instead of a slow and dispel. That way razor has a way to keep his link going and prevent enemies from just Insta breaking link.
                                                                                    Oh and some buffs to abaddon would be nice.


                                                                                      who the hell going to pick lvl 10 talent deny skill 2 to allied creeps


                                                                                        Isn't always an enemy creep around during a push.


                                                                                          for me i definitely not gonna take that,just go to nearest creepcamp then move your eidos
                                                                                          +25 ms/15% mres will be so much better


                                                                                            Give my TINDERSAW some love

                                                                                            Von Darkmoor

                                                                                              Omg omg MK os not fine he is NOT IMBA HE NEEDS TO BE IMBA SO I CAN WIN OMG OMG.
                                                                                              I need to play safelane MK and be carry i cant play support or roam OMG OMG OMG.


                                                                                                i've always wanted a dps version of the basher ith a desolator.
                                                                                                When you proc the bash it keep on reducing the ennemy armor, so if the guy has 8k hp he still melts because he'll have -30 armor after some procs


                                                                                                  So proc based but the proc reduces armor instead of bashing?

                                                                                                  The only issue I have with a high damage stacking item is Ursa/PA being legit God tier.


                                                                                                    you get a base armor reduction, and a bash that procs another armor reduction.
                                                                                                    Like -5 base armor and then -2 each time it procs.
                                                                                                    25% chance to proc with the same inner cd than basher : 150 magic damage, 1.5 sec stun and -2 armor.
                                                                                                    The item would be deso + basher + recipe.
                                                                                                    gives 70 damage, 10 strengh.
                                                                                                    Cost : between 7500 and 8000


                                                                                                      that might even be too weak, cnsidering the inner c of basher you won't proc enough time