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    Just a 0.01 Versatility player looking for high level pos 3 players to teach me how to play meta pos 3 heroes.

    Yours Sincerely,
    The Gardener

    Abyss Watcher

      Wth do u even do when timber gets banned?


        Just a noob advice .
        Pick enigma and rambo in lane by denying all ranged creeps lmao, rambo in jungle afk farm fuck ur carry's farm , rambo in late game ez nigga.



          I mostly cry in a fetal position

          Story Time

            what a retard to spam one hero for almost 1000 games!! HAHAHAHAH, truly stupid!


              i will never understand how ppl can play thousands of games on the same hero
              dont you get bored??

              captain KEEL

                especially if its a boring ass hero like silencer or dazzle or chen uggh

                Shigeo Kageyama

                  why you still play timber at party mmr bro, its so fucking bored


                    I live by the saw, i die by the saw