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General DiscussionI've created Playlists based on different Dota topics

I've created Playlists based on different Dota topics in General Discussion
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    Hi Dotabuff,

    I've been playing Dota and Dota 2 for like 9 or 10 years, I believe I'm pretty good at it at this point so I decided to research a bit and create playlists on a bunch of different topics of all the best material there is on Youtube. I couldn't find such a thing anywhere so I thought it might be a good idea and someone that wants to learn more about the game could find it useful.

    Even though I'm not the best player out there, I think over the years while trying to study the game I picked up on what is good advice and what isn't that good and I believe I've covered pretty much everything with the playlists, I picked only the videos that I thought had the best quality content out there on all of the topics.

    There are 10 Playlists in total, about all roles individually (carry, support/roam etc), Basic guides and tips, General Mechanics, Mindset and Mentality (we all rage, some more often than others :P), Drafting etc. and even a playlist consisting of Dota Lore videos if someone finds that interesting :)

    You can find all of the Playlists on this link:

    I've put my experience and a lot of time into these playlists and I hope they will be helpful to all beginners and even more advanced players :)

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      bookmarked it,thanks

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          thanks :)

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            shiiiiet if mods ever come back from the dead this should get stickied

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              9 years? How old are you? I havent seen a casual player dedicate this much to a single game


                ayy you even added lore to the series. Loregasm series from slacks Youtube channel, glad to see someone else who enjoys a good lore here in dotabuff. Thanks KKomrade


                  Well thats all I need on the road to divine. Thx OP.

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                    but is there one with scarlett johansson?

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                      bro thank you!


                        Interesting ma nigga.

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                          @AnŦaiN cmonBruh


                            I really like ur work and i have bookmarked ur page , Sir , Sorry if u thought i was being offensive , im gonna watch ur videos in near future thanks for combining them
                            I love that balanar display pic tho .

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                              you're a boss. salute!

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                                No man I was just meme-ing it's all good haha :D and thanks!


                                  Nice vids ty

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                                    Thanks chief!!


                                      I hope mod take aegis and respawned