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General DiscussionFirst tbd with divine4s then legends

First tbd with divine4s then legends in General Discussion

    Well, after 100 matches i play rank When first match i played divines
    I played 22-6-12 lina first game actually 4 deads only dieback in Last 30 sec
    I easly owned everyone but While we winning our carry broke his items and we lost here is link

    In my second match i was schoked players are legends and ancients

    Now i have 5 win 1 lose but still im playing in high skill Bracket

    Is the max cap 3 500?
    This is so sad i played mostly immortals While unranked including
    immortal #5, #29 #45 #37
    Even w33, magE, MATUMBAMAN etc.

    Here is my db link

    Тази тема била редактирана

      I think you should make more accounts and play ranked again.

      Maybe after repeating the same pattern continuously, maybe just maybe you will figure it out lmao.

      Good luck my friend and we will all be rooting for you to reach enlightenment :)


        Gl man, you can do it


          GL bro.

          give me more ruiners to r...

            i get extreme aneurysms when i play unranked because of the skill difference


              holy cow dude i've never heard of a person calibrating immortal nice job man

              Von Darkmoor

                @accidental toxic

                Skill diffrence xD
                Theres no fucking skill diffrence you are just way lower in your hiddden rank vs your ranked (visible rank) dumbass.

                Personly i find the skill in Ranked to be lower and more toxic than the unranked and in -cm its even more apperent.

                I suppose faceit does cm and serious games best.