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General DiscussionHow to deal whit huskar?

How to deal whit huskar? in General Discussion

    Enemy last pick Huskar so how to deal whit it with items?


      Huskar needs just 2-4k farm so if support need to deal with it is some 1k which I will have =D


        ez halbeard


          halbeard is over 2k Gold so god help us until I get it


            3450g god give my treant it fast pls

            King of a Higher Plane

              If you want a hero counter AA is probably one of his worst. Ice blast nullifies any healing which makes huskar strong, in turn it makes him quite vulnearble. Viper is decent, heroes with heavy burst can do well, so ursa (that matchup is more about who gets ahead), troll can be pretty decent in a 1 vs 1.


                The thing is Huskar is last pick and I have Treant and AM as carry and I found no way to deal with Huskar which rape our DK mid


                  I found no item or have no gold for any item to deal with it. So maybe it is games u can't win


                    lol if he is last pick and your heros are already picked, what can you possibly do? Just play well i guess and lose with honor


                      silver edge, halberd, spirit vessel these are the main items you can build to deal with a huskar.


                        Do what we did. Dual mid and shut him down

                        CM + Tiny, never expected huskar, switched lanes 30 sec to game start.

                        ez x d

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                          Yeah dual lane might be the cure

                          Tonitrus(Pt meme player)

                            Tiny 100% destroys him in lane.

                            You never learn!

                              items counter to huskar is really beacause some of them cost a lot, I recommend a counter hero but he is Last pick, Huskar cryptonite hero are Clinks or Wr just choose the two then practice it well u can wreck a huskar in laning stage and zone him. goodluck


                                You had 4 melee setup with walking creep (cm). Your only hard disable is single melee stun on dk.

                                I would say go for ranged strong support if you don't know who is going to be on the lanes. Because as treant you can't really gank mid or influence it a lot for this kind of heroes.