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General DiscussionHow did i lose this game ?

How did i lose this game ? in General Discussion
- Had eul sb 14 min,still lost it,i was kinda confused where to gank.
    If someone wants to analyze it and help me,i need your opinion.


      6k rule of thumb . U gank the enemy safelane if u are confused . So many reasons but u wont be able to understand them .


        Just off the top of my head, your team has 4 melee heroes against Morph and Batrider... Those two are really hard to catch as a melee hero. Morph can splash away and Batrider wants you to chase him, much like a Bristleback.

        Neither one of your offlaners have items... And that Pango item build sure is weird... You couldn't find the money to get even one of those "kill with one q" spears??? I don't play Pango and I know to get at least one of them spears on the dude.

        The fact is, that right now, people have the new shiny battle pass and are trying to go through the jungle... And at least for me, it has randomed a good bunch of "this guy has less than 3 games" heroes to start the paths. In other words, people are playing alot with heroes they are not that familiar with and if you have like 2 of these guys in the same game, you will find winning hard.

        rhynn player

          you got matched with 4 idiots while enemy had 5 man stack

          Goku Black

            Their team had more late game carry than you. You had to end that game fast to win and I bet your team was not very coordinated.


              imagine actually losing

              Salacious Crome

                You lost cause your itemisation was garbage. I lost this game but I remember thinking this is how a Lina should be played.


                Another game which we lost but the Lina played well.

                Your team was pretty bad but if you'd invested in better items than a linkens/shivas you could have probably won that.


                  Yeah it's your items. You probably instinctively go defensive because you're worried about Lina being squishy, but you owned mid so should have built offensive items and pushed your advantage, not waste it on defensive items. You shouldn't have built shadow blade and linkens.

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                    Should've went BKB into DPS items

                    Potato Marshal

                      You gave up trying to do damage and itemised entirely around not dying rather killing the enemy.

                      Dedicated Omen Main

                        The mag's items make me wanna punch myself in the face


                          Your magnus didn't went treads

                          Pango went Vladimir lmao

                          U didnt went agha I'm or some shit

                          Yr team was pretty much garbage u can't win 1v5 every player means in game

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