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Harry Kim

    the hero ruins dota, he is in every ranked or unranked game. and every game the dude just afk sits in trees, occasionally hooks a creep or runs to far into trees where he gets blocked in by 2 heros and dies.

    ofc the other guy in the lane doesnt jave any items because the lane was basically griefed, and then he gets the blame ''Brew no items, PA so fed"

    would be cool to be able to actually use my ban in a meaningful way other than just having to ban pudge every game.

    Pale Mannie

      cringe moment bruh :sick:
      just glyph and buy back


        i agree, pudge fucking useless hero as pos4, u just have to build him as offlaner, go armor items and max passive, dont even take hook before like lvl 5 at earliest. dont have hook -> cant miss hook :)


          Its just players don't know how to play him. You can wreck weak safelane duals and your supposed to skill his Third first but not many players know that. So they are just one squishy fuck waiting to be popped.


            And dota alchemy just posted another damn video on pudge. So people who were losing will again start trying, now mid pudge.

            But feel you, pudge is just damn cancer. Usually if somebody doesnt get mid/safe, they just pick roaming pudge and either go to offlane (and be useless there) or go safe to help (which is better i guess).

            Dark Hunter

              I feel like its either one way or the other. If your pudge is good he will siglehandedly win you the game. If he's bad he will fuck your own game up :)

              KILF - trashmoreplz

                Are you raging over a turbo game ? Also it's funny pudge is your 7th most played hero with 48,28% winrate maybe look at yourself before crying..


                  your supposed to skill his Third first

                  Lmao yeah skill his passive which does nothing to help you contest lanes or pick off the squishy enemies early xdddd. Either a troll or hilariously bad advice.


                    skill his third means you can just trade with enemies easy, you can hit them and they can hit you, but you have a permanent tango on you


                      Its good to get a value point in it level 3/4 but levelling it up at the start nullifies your impact out of the gate. You want at least a point in rot and hook before you take flesh heap


                        You really don't though. In a lot of lanes early ranks in Hook won't accomplish much. In many scenarios only a tower-hook will actually secure a kill, and that's not reliable per-se.

                        You're much better off getting at least 2 levels in Flesh Heap at levels 1 and 3, (in many lanes you'll want level 3 Flesh Heap at 5 as well,) this will massively improve your ability to sustain in lane letting you abuse your true strengths, your great hp pool, 0 cooldown slow in Rot and your fantastic base attack damage. You want to stay in the creep wave and secure last hits for your self and abuse your huge base damage to score tons of denies on the enemy core, and you can also trade hits when available which you will definitely win outside of a few instances, (i.e. Ursa with Overpower active.)

                        Once you have the durability and a few base items so you can chase down an enemy and kill them with Rot + autos without dying yourself, that is the point in which Hook will secure kills for you, and this is usually levels 5-7.

                        At the end of the day, all the really matters is optimizing your lane presence. You want to sustain in lane and abuse your great base stats to secure your farm, deny and harass the enemy- what ability lets you do this? A high mana cost enemy-displacement nuke? An AoE magic damage slow that also self-damages? Or an increase in MR and HP Regen? The answer should be clear.

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                          I watch a lot of pro highlights from tournaments and the games that pudge was picked primarily had him playing as the offlane maxing his passive first to trade in lane, its not bad advice

                          spam turbo/jungle

                            Its a pathetic hero played by pathetic people just coz dendi played it:) everyone think they are dendi


                              Just a little advice

                              Before opening a thread for complaining about how much u hate certain heroes, male sure that hero not in your "Most Played Heroes" list


                                Pudge is perfect pos 4,or 3 as mic mentioned, i already have done non hook build on offlane right after his 3rd passive buff, its actually very good vs weaker safelane, very hard to haras pudge away from lane. I had some mangoes and hp regen about 8 first level.

                                Pos 4 pudge is way harder to play, he can't do anything on lane if he pick up hook first. This hero is such specific you shouldn't hate him for standing in trees, vs squishy line ups he can be best hero after he got 6.

                                I don't blame my pudge players and they usually turn into something useful later on...

                                keel (جامد جامد)

                                  pudge pickers look like pudge irl


                                    29 games with pudge..complaining about pudge pickers.. feelsweirdman


                                      pudge pickers look like pudge irl

                                      so true lmao

                                      they are also comedians irl

                                      Jack Attack

                                        I use my double downs vs pudge obviously. But my enemy never picks him.

                                        Prodigal Son

                                          Im Pud player.. mostly on post 4..
                                          Post 4 is hook and rot type..
                                          Post 3 is rot and FH type..

                                          Wanna remove Pud? The most played hero from wc3? Lol dude


                                            remove techies


                                              When i'm bored to sup as sup hero I go and say to my team "I'm playing pudge style".

                                              These guys pick pudge to pos 5 and still playing like core. Like players lose brains instantly after picking pudge.

                                              Core pudge might work as pos 3 laner as it has been seen pro scene but don't play Hook-rot "core" pudge

                                              Harry Kim

                                                Im Pud player.. mostly on post 4..
                                                Post 4 is hook and rot type..
                                                Post 3 is rot and FH type..

                                                Wanna remove Pud? The most played hero from wc3? Lol dude

                                                sums it up pretty much

                                                Prodigal Son

                                                  Pud is fun.. its not always about hook but also his nuisance..

                                                  U can build eul bm for him as tanky utility post 4 then distrub their core when chasing ur post 5..

                                                  I think Pud wont be abandoned even he get massive rework..

                                                  Pud, Jugg, Sven, PA and AM have their own fanbase haha