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General DiscussionAxe is the greatest late game hero of all time

Axe is the greatest late game hero of all time in General Discussion
    Intentionally feeding randomed carry that also chronos their own teammate on purpose ⭕️
    Shitstain offlaner that forced me to play support because I was afraid he’d throw ⭕️

    The other two were ok.

    The build is the same as my turbo build where I go phas>dagger>bm>manta>aghs when 25>octarine>Get travels>sell bm buy ac>eat moonshard>eat aghs>go linkens or bkb or damage.

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        jeremy meeks' personality

          "feeding carry"
          sorry, where?

          Yami Yugi

              Why manta? Im scratching my head as to how that would benefit an axe other than for its weak dispell, in which case euls would be better since it provides the same movement speed, a dispell, a hard disable which can enable you to set up a call and mana regen for half the price of a manta.

              Yami Yugi

                Why manta?

                He took the proc talents


                  Everything is possible on VHS

                  Yami Yugi

                    Im scratching my head

                    Real Mem

                      Idiot didnt upgrade his aghs= reported


                        Why manta?
                        cause illusions doing counter helix too
                        Thats why he has 950 gpm
                        If u check the graph u can see the impact of that after 28 min when he bought the manta


                          ^u mean the impact is making enemy have more gold advantage? Read carefully the graph

                          Also, i just realize that you are only winning because enemy carry is raging and sell their item

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                            who is talking about enemy gold advantage. im talking about axe networth!
                            as u can see slope of the graph changing around min 28!


                              I assure you our void chronod us in front of our base on purpose when the enemy was pushing. And wk sold his items after I took a dump on their team it has like 10 kills in a span of 2 minutes


                                Ah thanks guys didnt know the manta illusions also proc the talent 😬😬😬


                                  in divine everything is possible I think.


                                    How do you get to play axe on carry?


                                      What's axe pos?
                                      2 or 3
                                      Is he carry or tank?


                                        I will try this in my trash MMR rank. seems fun.

                                        Yami Yugi

                                          Sometimes I wonder when I fully understand how the stars were thinking but can't play Dota like them.

                                          it feels like I know what to do, but just can't execute it, it's out of the reach, decision making were also all wrong, sigh