Supports to try out—SilencerBy KawaiiSocks on

Silencer went under the radar of most players, despite a series of buffs starting in 7.13b. This hero suffers from the lack of identity, with community divided on whether he should be played as a support or as a core. While we do not have the statistics for exact distribution of support or core Silencer, we know that he is least successful when played mid and most successful when played in the offlane, probably as a position four support.

Fortbuff: A New World Awaits!By Mogwai on

While Fortnite may not have too much in common with Dota, both games have sneaky fish assassins hoping to score some easy kills on unsuspecting players.

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Bonus Heroes—Does This Feature Belong In Dota?By KawaiiSocks on

Bonus heroes is a controversial feature, especially in ranked games. It is decent as a system that replaced true random heroes in competitive matchmaking, but no one really knows why it was in the game in the first place.

Does Lone Druid Need A Buff?By eggs on

With the last major patch out before TI8, it seems that there will be less hope for Lone Druid, who is picked 2nd to last and has the lowest win rate across all pubs.

TI8 Overview: TNC, Optic, VGJ.Storm, Invictus Gaming and Evil GeniusesBy KawaiiSocks on

The last five teams of the International 2018 are all great in their own way. They are not the tournament's favorites and haven't accomplished enough throughout the year to get top8 in DPC, but the fact that they managed to qualify for the biggest tournament of the year means that they should be taken seriously.

TI8 Overview: Team Secret, Mineski, VG, Newbee, VGJ.ThunderBy eggs on

While these teams, Secret, Mineski ,VG, Newbee, and VGJ.Thunder, placed at the bottom half of the DPC standings, they have potential to upset one of the big three at TI8.

Supports to Try Out in 7.18—DazzleBy KawaiiSocks on

Supports are an important part of the team. In fact, with so much emphasis on the laning stage in the current meta, the importance of supports is at an all-time high. They ensure farm for your core, make the life of the enemy core a lot harder, and combined, these things have an immense impact on how the game will play out.

Winners and Losers of Patch 7.18By KawaiiSocks on

Right after the conclusion of qualifiers, Valve released a new patch, addressing some issues present during the qualification process. The patch mostly focused on hero balance changes. Given there is only one tournament left until TI and it is unlikely to have all the top teams, it might be safe to assume that this version of Dota is either final or very close to what we will actually see at The International.

TI8 Overview: The FavoritesBy eggs on

While being favored to win is no guarantee, as we've seen our share of upsets at past TI's, it's clear that there are a few teams that are a tier above the rest.

The International 2018 Overview: Teams That Might Surprise UsBy KawaiiSocks on

Every tournament has its favorites, its underdogs and its dark horses. The International 2018 is especially rich in the latter category—several teams in the tournament’s final lineup might succeed despite all expectations. It is hard to imagine them winning the International, but imagining them win against top teams doesn’t induce the same amount of disbelief.

Regional Qualifiers Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

The International 2018 main qualifiers are over and we know the teams participating in the biggest tournament of the year. Regional qualifiers were extremely intense this year, with teams in CIS, EU and SA fighting for a single qualifier spot. More importantly, however, was the diversity of the qualifiers, with many regions having their own understanding of meta.

Weekly Courier: The Final 18 Teams for TI8, AI vs. Humans, Patch 7.18 Released

This week Optic and OG round out the qualifying teams for TI8, Open AI announces 5v5 AI, and Valve released Patch 7.18

Getting better at UnderhollowBy KawaiiSocks on

Underhollow, a game mode available to Battle Pass owners, is an interesting take on Battle Royale genre. It combines elements of Dota and games like PUBG and Fortnite to create intense 15-minute matches and was received well by the community, bar constant technical issues.

Greed Is Gone - The End Of Hand Of MidasBy eggs on

In today’s meta, Hand of Midas affords little benefit for its cost. Cores have better farming alternatives. Supports, now buffeted with XP tomes, as well as XP and Gold talents, have a bevy of old and new items for the early and mid game. Hand of Midas has since fallen out of favor and has become one of the least useful items in the game.

Aggressive Support—Treant Protector's return to the metaBy KawaiiSocks on

Treant Protector currently sits at almost 56% win rate in the highest skill bracket, making him the most successful support after Io. The hero has been absent from competitive scene and high level pubs for a while now, but the return of dual lanes and some direct buffs made the hero a lot more viable.

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