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    1st 4head


      I still thinkk that lifestealer is the best counter to Doom, at any level in the game. The feast and rage makes Doom an easy target, given its low base armour


        Non-sumail heroes?
        what does this mean?!!


          Wtf.... Jokes?


            Game analysis by 4400mmr player

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              Io didn't mentioned. He is one of the best "counter" (if that word may be applied to doom bringer)

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                  Nice! Let's play Doom.

                  WHY YOU LOOK SCARED?

                    6.85 CANCER

                    various failures 88-92

                      ORACLE shits on doom. This guide forgot about him...


                        LOL this dude's posts are trash. They hurt my eyes, God.

                        Havoc Badger

                          Everyone is suddenly an expert saying where this guy is wrong or what he didn't mention. How about you right your own damn analysis oh wise 3k players. He accurately portrayed the average pub doom pick and build, subject matter was fine.

                          Don't shit on other peoples work cause you feel you have an inside scope on how things are while playing in a bracket that is barely above the global average.

                          good game

                            About the IO/Oracle thing. How much is IO/Oracle actually played in pubs? Then again i'm just 3k.

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                              You forgot to mention the best offlane & in general creep in the game if you're a non ganking core -- Ogre frost mage. A double ring of protection + Ice armor Doom simply cannot be killed by physical means in the current meta.


                                just an idea. Dont rush him :3

                                M u n

                                  Aw to much english im cant understan..


                                    Spectre can rape Doom as well ;)

                                    dón kíjám-

                                      in 1k bracket doom is no mmr farming machine, in this bracket there will be one team that wins anyway and the other get stomped truth

                                      I farded. I shidded. I ca...

                                        Kawaiisuckuu pls intervene the forums need dank memes direly GIFF BBCODE ❣❣❣

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                                        BINT CLEASTWOOD

                                          Anyone talking about MMR of poster is definitely lower MMR themselves. Dunning Kruger effect.


                                            Doom has big issues with slardar, riki, windranger and invoker in adition to mentioned heroes, slardar cos of ult that destroys his armor and stun that makes easy kill for your team, riki cos of one of heroes that has free blink with really good silence, and being invis can find doom and get your team really nice vision for gank, as well as huge early to mid game dmg by backstab, and windranger cos of shackle and ultimate, ower 3 sec shackle + max attack speed on 1 target make wind really dangerous for low armor doom true all part of game, if you think that 6 slot doom is not afected late game, imagen mkb or dedalus windranger with aganims and deso shackle ulting you every fight. And just dooming wind is not game wining cos its hero that is generaly a support. Even tho ppl use wind as semi carry. Doom got his ult nerfed a lot now, without aganims its so weak damage. Aganim makes it infinite as long you stay close to target. I also saw some nice nyx assasin counters to doom. And phantom lancer with some farm is real pain for doom, cos he can destroy dooms mana in les then 2 sec and make doom totaly usless. Doom win rate comes from fear in pubs. Fear of being doomed and panic reactions of team after that happens. But in general with right items it can be evaded. Reasson why invoker is big problem is his ability to create chaos when played properly, many really good invokers who go emp tornado with blast can make doom usless. Burning dooms mana every team fight with this combo makes doom usless all fight. Slow right click of doom does not help. And most of dooms after emp will just run, wont even fight, especialy in lower mmrs. There are many ways to counter every hero, but does require team work to do so. I saw someone said spectre is good choice vs doom, i would disagree, many pub players do not let spectre players space to farm, a lot of that comes from bad supporting in weaker mmrs, where ether there are no wards and vision on map, or there is no support in your lane and you get zoned out as spectre. In this meta spectre is really hard to play, and game is to fast for spectre to get effective. Also aganim doom on spectre is almost 0 dmg spectre.


                                              Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 36.93% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.

                                              God of Wards

                                                So easy.. Kill this doom wiht finger and laguna blade...

                                                Mr Freeze

                                                  only riki imba


                                                    man, if u only want bash him, how about u make ur own analysis ?


                                                      Soo it's respectable to play this hero after the nerf right? Huehuehue


                                                        Meepo will rape doom


                                                          "Non-Sumail heroes" can we please stop referring "these" people/pro player, like they are some kind of trend or something.
                                                          Non-Sumail heroes...i dont even know what the f**k does that mean. Is that even a thing now? What next..... going to start calling SF "Arteezy".?!??


                                                            Arteezy no SF, but Yaphets :)

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