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    Liquid GOOOOOO

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      O-Robi +65

        Gh and MC are rocks in their position, but so are Jerax and S4. HYPE.

        []V[]eann []V[]y []_ove

          4th. highest i ever got. I think the champion wont be from any of the invited teams.

          take me away

            5x16 = 81 seems legit.


              6th! wow


                "Ana is another prodigal mid-player and MMR king."

                Prodigal means spending money recklessly and wastefully (try google 'parable of the prodigal son')

                I think it's not the word the author tries to describe ana with


                  5x16 = 81 seems legit.

                  They picked 81 different heroes and played a 16 game stretch where they picked no hero twice.



                    @Greymane, I´d say the author meant "prodigial", it sounds much better.

                    BTW, the most of the teams has "stars" but this is DotA, so the teamwork is much more important. I can´t bet in any team at this moment, but I used to support OG and EG, they used to have a stable play style and used to be always effective.

                    Rigor MortiS

                      uuu9 is not in newbee ti7 roster ? :o

                      treading waters

                        @Notice me Ivy senpai uuu9 and moogy is the same person bru

                        []V[]eann []V[]y []_ove

                          Again the ti7 champion wont be from any of the invited teams. Mark this post.


                            Planet Dog vs OG: Grand final




                                Noobs learn english.
                                Author isnt saying they played 81 heroes at 16 natches u noobs.
                                He is saying on 16 match they played 80 heroes(no hero twice)
                                and in total they played 81 hero u idiots.

                                ダイヤ 黒澤 Dia Kurosawa

                                  Wait.... I thought OG logo is not green anymore.... lol


                                    RIP Na'Vi

                                    Hate The Living

                                      I was looking at 7.06 pro games hero win rates. I guess Alliance style push/map control strats are the most successful strats this patch.

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                                      1-IceTea 🌟

                                        ^That's why you have 46%win rate in <3K games


                                          valve forgot tnc


                                            "or Hao winning their second title this year " Hum... Hao is in Vici Gaming, right? They failed qualification right ?


                                              @Dr.Thivi Thanks for the correction

                                              Hate The Living

                                                At least I have decent laning stage skills after playing 500 bot matches. I'm not an Autistic SEA jungler like you with 0 skills in lane. And you know what else? You lack critical reasoning too. Because instead of criticizing my point, you ran an Ad hominem.

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                                                we game in a society

                                                  @Tyr.SilverFox the word you (and the author) are looking for is "prodigious," although that's also not quite accurate usage; however 'prodigial' is not a word, and as Greymane said, prodigal is incorrect given the context.


                                                    "that few play close attention to" there's a typo (should be 'pay').

                                                      Не дай бан за читы

                                                      OG Gooooooooooo


                                                        EG will win this TI. Liquid will be the favorites though.


                                                          Speeds Gaming hmm..


                                                            this is really my idol