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    Robert Moody
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      wicked loona

        hm. okay.

        Underlords Bot Player

          LFY surely top 4 in TI in my opinion, but still go Team Liquid


            gg ez ok


              where midone goes i go as well. malaysianpride

              सिद्धार्थ পাল

                Please post the heroes which were not considered for pick and ban as well.....and the reason they might not be picked in further games...

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                  i just love how every american hates liquid but they are the best non-chinese team rn


                    жидкие ауе


                      go Liquid!


                        go miracle go liquid


                          Wait for final


                            how come warlock is not picked yet he is rly good support and strong in team fight, mb for main stage , huskar should too i think some1 will do huskar strategy


                              Many of, or all of, TNC's losses seem like throws, in my opinion. None more obvious than Game 1 of their series vs Secret, where they diebacked multiple cores for no good reason, but even their loss against EG felt thrown considering their decent starting lead, and their loss against Empire, which they lost just under 80 minutes, with a Naga that was almost unimpeded in farm. But the latter 2, give credit of course to the opponents, striking with precision and slowly sapping the game away.
                              Fnatic is so disappointing. Cloud 9(Team NP) much more so, nobody truly expected Planet Dog(HR) to do much even after their stunning qualification, but C9 should be performing much better than this. DC and Secret also feel a little underwhelming, for the pure fact that they have 10K Doto. OG are still within upper bracket, but seem to be rattled.
                              Chinese Dota seems to be on the rise again, with both LGD squads leading the way. Excited to watch the upcoming round of games!

                              doto uninstaller 2049

                                "on the back off" should be "on the back of" i think

                                Hate The Living

                                  "The meta has become very push oriented and a lot of teams see split pushing as a more and more viable strategy."
                                  Didn't I say this before @1-IceTea 🌟? You have a very low understanding of the game and very low analytical skills.

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                                  Hate The Living

                                    I guess there are 3 clear strats this patch.
                                    Deathball: A mix of 3-4 initiators and 1-2 pushers. EG favors this strat a lot.
                                    Split push and summons Sieging: Amix of Lycan + Bulldog heroes+ Shadow shaman, Visage, Veno. Liquid likes this.
                                    Turtling - 4 protect 1: A mix of 4 early-mid gamers and a late gamer like Morph, Anti-mage, Invoker, etc. OG and some Chinese teams like this.


                                      liquid also likes deathball, but it's more like a shitstomp with lategame heroes


                                        I feel like all heroes will be picked, or if not all, all but 1/2


                                          That infamous/fnatic game.... wow!