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        I hope EG can pull through but it looks very Grimm.


          Infamous eliminated FeelsBadMan


            EU and NA are gone to lower brackets, now only RU and Phillipines left to contest the SEA Teams...

            Jeon So-mi

              kaka playin ES is so amazing

              सिद्धार्थ পাল

                Liquid's picking Lone Druid in last game was a gg call from start. Lone Druid is not in meta.

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                the_Goat (of N00BS)

                  XXS was the mvp of ig-liquid series and of the day. even in game 2, where liquid won, he was the one who kept the game contested till the very end with his SK. he played amazing bat and ES on games 1 and 3 respectively

                  Mister Salty

                    third is best

                    Mister Salty

                      remove this please moderators


                        Disruptor with the most wins on day 1 PogChamp


                          so we continue the lower bracket runs.. it's gonna be hard since all the top non-cn teams are there. i hope liquid knocks eg out after doing so against secret


                            I know you guys hate Peenoise, but pray that TNC beat LFY tomorrow, to stop the Chinese upper bracket dominance


                              I miss RedEye and the old Alliance.


                                How come Skim didn't assess Mind controls void gameplay? And why are the top 2 comments removed by moderators? If they had bad language in them they wouldn't be able to post them in the first place. So I'm pretty sure this is a violation of freedom of speech?


                                  They post something useless such as first ^


                                    Hey Dotabuff staff, I have an article request for you.

                                    Often in the stream (and for more than a year now) I hear the term "catch", referring to "heroes who have or have no catch" OR "lineups who have or have no catch", and if I got it right, they mean the power to capture fleeing enemies, be it on a Pickoff or on a recently won Teamfight.

                                    Did I get it right? I tried explaining "catch" to a Dota friend and he never heard of it, since it's not highlighted in liquipedia's dota Glossary or any article at all!! If it's such a positive attribute to have on a hero or lineup, and it's so talked about between the casters, then how come? I know it's hard to explain, and that's why I'm asking you professional writers to write about it.

                                    Oh, and my example to my friend was about the two traditional "catch" heroes: Kunkka and Disruptor, and also Venge, Puck, Pudge, maybe Clock. And also I tried explaining that while "catch" is benefical to pickoffs, burst is also important.. and "catch" is also used in many situations, but mostly when you want to guarantee a kill on a fleeing enemy hero.


                                      Yeah, Mind Control game in that 3 game against iG is basically so bad. First game, bb cant even do anything. 2nd game, the real mvp is gh who can keep every single one of liquid alive and able to push. Third game, soo many misplaced chrono, letting lina out of the chrono and did free hit