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      So far we know only a fraction of the rules that will be implemented for TI. For example, we know that only the 8 teams with the highest amount of QPs will be invited, but we don't know how ties (if any) with be dealt with. In other words, we know at best the necessary conditions for getting a TI invite, but we don't know whether those necessary conditions will jointly constitute sufficient conditions. Thus your point about possible fission scenarios expresses a legitimate worry, but it cuts no ice in this situation of uncertainty.

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        you have a point for sure, but if anything that makes it all the more worrysome that a simple substitution (granted they'd still have to place top4 with a sub) could solve a tie

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          For any set of explicit rules, it is easy to find a weird case such that the rules do not disallow it. What matters is how the explicit rules are completed by other rules, or by background assumptions. For example there is no rule saying that a Dota 2 player cannot get info from an observer on the enemy team, is it something to fear? Arguably no, because it is so obvious that if the case happened, the implicit assumptions or rules against it would be made explicit.

          I don't want to trivilalize your point, and as I wrote it is beyond dispute that we need to know more about the implicit rules. But from this it does not follow, and this was the simple point I wanted to make, that it is merely a case by case procedure, in the sense that the deliberation would be ad hoc and stem from a mess of unsystematic principles.

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          Sleight of My Fist In You...

            look at the geniuses on here...let valve fix their messes...really doubt they read dotabuff articles lmfao


              The only solution to injuries, sickness and so on is the same as in other sports: Reserve players. Teams then use the right players in the right situation, with the ability to present a team of choice out of their roster for a given game. (as in, it doesn't need to stay the same in a bo3, but can be changed between the games)

              Once you hit a certain size, this kind of stuff is just necessary. And perhaps the time is soon.

              Giga OOF

                I admire the formality that Valve is trying to enforce on their activities, considering the ridiculously high prize pool of such competition. The same can also be said on every article here on Dotabuff. Kudos to you, article makers.

                And then there is Sleight of My Fist in You...(looks at his most played heroes with a judgemental stare)


                  You definitely have a point as regards the scrambling, however, I will say that it's a bit weird to take players from a qualified team to make another one, with a view to having two qualified teams in the same organization. If they have gained enough points is because they're playing well. Would you risk losing a solid team, in order to qualify another one to TI and have both with few matches played together as a 5-men-team?

                  Sleight of My Fist In You...

                    globul has a 38% win rate with lc with 21 games wonder he hating..sad kid

                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                      ^ lol globul stay herald medal thanks :D