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homeless god

    60% wr


      Broodmother is a good hero. But now most heroes are good heroes. Use her when we need to push fast. Don't use her if we want to team fight.

      Arian | Janex 2.0

        ^thinking brood is splitpush hero lmao


          40% winrate trash. Worst hero remake since riki and slark's ultimate.


            Brood is one the best heroes in this patch. Something that I learned about her is you can dominate your offlane or midlane in early stage of the game.
            in the middle of the game, she can apply pressure on two lanes at the same time. However, if your team is going to farm the jungle and they are not willing to help you to apply pressure to the 3rd lane, you are going to lose the game with her.

            The key is to finish game fast with her. As a result, don't pick her to make space while you have a greedy carry such as AM or Alchi.


              ^Hmm not always true, Brood with new level 25 talent is not to be underestimated late game. If ahead in farm she is always relevant.


                Дада про про сцену они пишут, я лучшая бруда в мире


                  Laned mid vs brood as dk. Never thought before I can get 120 lh before 10 minuets


                    ^LOL press q to win :)

                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                      honestly she always had and i think still has only a small window of time wherein she can actually put her levels and farm to the best use and finish off the game, once that's gone she falls off so quickly its like she was never there

                      Lucifer.Edward Newgate

                        This cancer heroes, i can't beat.


                          I'm confused.

                          First paragraph:

                          7.07 significantly changed the hero, yet her role and general playstyle remained somewhat similar.

                          Last paragraph:

                          Broodmother’s role in the game has changed drastically as a result of 7.07

                          dallas broker

                            oh no, ma brood

                            Gee: Nou Slash Tiger Blue.

                              Thanks for writing this article @KawaiiSocks. I only play brood vs every match up and it's refreshing to see Broodmother take the spotlight for once. <3 <3 <3 I will make an effort to learn how to play brood mid very soon. I am much more of a traditonal offlaner broodMa player. -GeeNou Top Ten Broodplayer on Dotabuff.

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                              *FarizTampan 1st

                                wadafuq 2600 match broodmama

                                its insane

                                *FarizTampan 1st

                                  ur winrate +300 , u play good, wp

                                  DALLA DALLA
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                                      You're not afraid of spiders, are you?


                                        阿修羅s_KING brood

                                        Sergeant Papika

                                          hero crushes sf if played well in mid lane. ive played both sides of that match-up. the second SF uses 2 razes, you dive him with all of your spiders, easy kill. if he cant use razes without dying he cant efficiently farm. you can also farm his jungle camps that are near the mid lane. if 2 supports are constantly having to help SF mid you can easily win your other two lanes, as you dont need your supports helping you if you're brood. this is in mid-upper 4k bracket (4700 mmr ish)


                                            trash hero

                                            Road to Dimond



                                                Cancer hero for pubs. Destroying mid lane everytime. 12 minutes and your game become hell..

                                                Downloaded Skills (muted)

                                                  Earthshaker insta kills broodmother ... That's why I always Counter him ... No matter what skill level it will be ... dagger and echo is ending brood's game ...


                                                    ^Good brood players will not care to play against Earthshaker

                                                    Gee: Nou Slash Tiger Blue.

                                                      @Matt8Matt Agreed. I play Brood vs every counter/hero/situation and Earthshaker is nothing as long as you micro and maintain proper distance with your spiderlings. A higher skilled Earthshaker will buy a shadow blade to catch a Broodplayer off guard while BroodMa farms jungle camps. A good Legion Commander is the most annoying hero for me because Legion's instant spam nuke requires much more attention/vision/micro to prevent free gold farmed and fed. -GeeNou Top Ten Broodplayer on Dotabuff.


                                                        Broodmother: DESOLATOR + BKB = WIN (EASY!)

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