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    wow wow WUBZY!!!!

      2nd bois

      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

        Split pushing in general seems to be having a tough time right now, but what exactly do you think would bring change without directly rolling back the patches? I specifically ask the question because the end of the article seems to imply frustration, but it doesn't clarify your personal position on the matter. Do you like the changes to towers and glyphs, or are you seeing this as something that needs to be specifically addressed for Druid?


          plz buff him, he s too irrelevant.


            Nice try Bulldog


              You are cherry picking so randomly, please don't let your personal judgment affect you.
              Also yes, he does need a buff, maybe even a rework.

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              INFERNO (333)

                buy dominator for druid like a lycan




                    Спасибо за статью! Очень люблю Лон друида. и хочу что бы его Апнули!


                      may its very hard to control this hero ??? i think

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                      BAMYA | Bugra San

                        yes he needs it man, give him armlet bear back ffs


                          Было бы неплохо ревьювить перевод перед постингом. Местами приходится перечитывать или вчитываться, чтобы понять.

                          I don't think that's good idea, buff lone druid. Because he's already so strong, but people just do not know how playing them. I think also people forget about what game is it. That's ok when u must training u're micro. And this is the only thing you need to play ld and win.

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                            If you buff him in pubs he'd be out of control in pro games it's a rough spot


                              Gee, I dunno, what about buffing the biggest winner of TI7 before TI8?? What could possibly happen holy shit


                                Buff his ranged build. Problem solved. Bear build is literally useless in pubs.


                                  Tell them, we cant wait 100+ years for all arcana heroes, its cant keep coming one arcana each year!


                                    and pls phoenix must to start talking. Every bug heroes, every fly heroes speaking, phoenix squawking :D , fix this mistake..

                                    CApo del dota...

                                      no plis no


                                        play him some time im crusader ranked useing bulldogs tac he used in quails mom phase hurricane

                                        Play with Mela

                                          у героя самый низкий винрейт в доте 37% и один из самых низких пикрейтов, ниже только у чена, вы еще думаете нужен ли бафф ?

                                          Lindsey Jordan ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾

                                            was a lone druid spammer, back when he was so OP (first patch of 7.00, ranged build LD was introduce). i miss those LD's heyday haha sadt.


                                              Suggestion for talent buff i guess
                                              Lvl 10 +175 att range or + 8 Bear armor
                                              Lvl 15 +50 att dmg or 20% cd reduction
                                              Lvl 20 -5 armor corruption for bear or +50 rabid attack speed
                                              Lvl 25 battle cry spell immume or bear reincarnation 180 second

                                              stupid team ever

                                                This hero need arcana pls


                                                  I think just give more buff to midas. Midas is not really a meta in pro scene. So this hero will work somehow in pubs.

                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                    Midas is a huge issue for other heroes though. In a lot of ways I wish Midas was completely removed from the game


                                                      As a lone druid spammer i would love to see him buffed.


                                                        I think the low pick-rate of Lone Druid is owed to the fact that not many players know when to pick Lone Druid / the appropriate situation to pick Lone Druid. It is not clear cut when someone should say: "Oh, this is the best Lone Druid game, I must pick him" Usually Lone Druid work against melee heroes and 1 v 1 lanes so that the bear can tank most of the harassment and also when the team requires a siege hero, however one should note that Lone Druid is not the only hero that can function under these conditions. There are other simpler heroes to play/understand that can work in a melee / 1 v 1 situation and also an abundance of heroes that can push towers.

                                                        Furthermore, Lone Druid is a hero that requires a team to play around it. The hero itself is a win condition. You take care of Lone Druid, Lone Druid takes care of the game. In pub games where everyone likes to pick cores that stay at the centre of the attention ie. Invoker, Anti-Mage etc. this hero is hard to work with if the teammates of Lone Druid cannot work with the other heroes.


                                                          Problem with LD is that once late game hits his bear just dies way too easily.


                                                            LD was my main much before that horrible patch that created "ranged Sylla". The problem was the CD nerf of the Rabid . This was the nerf that basically killed Sylla. Before the nerf we can maintain Rabid active during the whole farming process and the Teamfights, now with the nerf your farm is worse and you have the manage the CD of the skill to not have the risk to fight without Rabid.

                                                            Totally unnecessary.


                                                              Nice try bulldog


                                                                If valve needed Lone Druid in dota, they would have never nerfed him.


                                                                  Twelve months with the worst win rate...come on valve


                                                                    Год жду бафа )))каждый пачь читал )

                                                                    ostad the courier stealer

                                                                      I have a high win rate with line druid but its hard to play for others .he must get stronger


                                                                        Lone Druid Must-Have Implements!

                                                                        Lone Druid is a subpar hero. There's no denying it, even though it is my favourite hero, because even if the Bear is cute, and the chance to Entangle is exhilariting, you can't but admit it has one of the ♥♥♥♥♥iest Ultimates, and Alghanim's Upgrade in the game. It is so bad, that when my friend who is much better than me at the game, plays Alghanim's with Lone Druid, I might actually have a chance of winning him. So these are the changes I recommend:

                                                                        First of, you gain a tremendous HP boost, but with no HP regen to complement it, which makes this worse than just getting Strength Stat boost. So it needs a HP regen boost, when in True Form. Next, for an Ultimate, it gets very little, considering other Heroes with the ability to toggle between melee and ranged forms, like the Troll Warlord, and then again, the Troll Warlord doesn't suffer from a transformation duration. So I suggest each level up of True Form grants you an increase in Base Attack Speed, at 1.5/1.4/1.3, similar to and complementing the Spirit Bear's own increase in Base Attack Speed. This makes the Hero less dependent on the Spirit Bear, when it dies for instance, and the handicap isn't as severe. It also boosts and creates more incentive to play in melee form.

                                                                        Now we come to Alghanim's. It should keep what it does now, but it should also see a return of One, which now works this way: 40%/50%/60%, absorbing of damage by Spirit Bear, with each level of increase in True Form, for a duration of 60 seconds. Also, Battle Cry gains +30 Damage and +5 Armour at all levels. I understand too there is a problem with having One work with Alghanim's effect right now, for it can tank a lot of damage with the Hero at the Fountain, while the Spirit Bear goes off to attack. If that is the case, we should remove the current effect, and reinstate One, this way making the Hero more fun to play as well, with more options for interaction.

                                                                        This also means that Lone Druid is now a 3 Carry, 3 Durable, and 1 Escape.


                                                                          Also, I like the idea of having Spirit Bear with stats. Basically, you level up your Hero, and your Spirit Bear gain Attack damage of +5. So over a period of 25 Levels, you should get about +125 Damage. Which is pretty reasonable.

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