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    First one lol Phoenix one love


      Phoenix imba

      || ! Xīngān ! ||

        Nice one.

        Despair | 絶望

          Just won 2 out of 2 games with Phoenix recently, truly excels at teamfights when you land a perfect highground egg and spamming fire spirits beforehand.


            Axe+Phoenix 👌


              Fire spirits att speed slow is imba. I just wonder how it would work with Enchantress just think about their combo to att speed slow


                In pubs the hero is definitely still a lot stronger as a core if you can get a competent player on him but in team games the hero as a support synergizes too well with coordination.

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  Throwing Phoenix into the support role takes a lot of pressure off of him/her (I'm not so sure). Similar to saving an ally with wisp, it's ok to use your ultimate to sacrifice in favor of other players, and in a pub situation it's easy to throw it to create indecision for the enemy.

                  It's also good to keep in mind that at level 1 you have almost 300 mana, allowing you to throw fire spirits three times. Assuming you don't stack spirits (because that only refreshes duration), you can deal 320 damage to a single target before reductions. Assuming two heroes in lane, that's 640x.75=480 magic dmg with base magic resist. For 80 mana. If you hit a single target only twice, you're still doing better than a point of health per mana. It's kind of a wonder people play Phoenix solo at all, considering just how hard you can get a secondary carry farmed with that.


                    I love that hero, as solo offlane, support and even as mid.

                    SWM. Mahote.1GAME

                      9 winning streak PHX and I got 5 wins yesterday by spamming phx supports turns to pos3 or pos 4.


                        Been winning mid lane every time such a fun hero! Go fire spirits first and the hero in lane just can't handle it.

                        ♰︎ Oℤ︎ℤ︎Y ↯

                          YOU CAN DENY THE EGG BTW


                            7.19 minus fire spirits damage, but it does not matter/

                            Yami Yugi

                              just look at my recent match (30/07/2018) , so sad you know, but I can't help to love this guy forever, he is my hero!


                                See my profile if you want to know how to use phoenix and increase mmr fast :)
                                .... Yes exactly

                                Pepega Willow

                                  Phoenix is bad in lane without levels (low armor, low move speed and long cooldowns), that's never changed! The buff in lvl 1 Fire Spirits is good, but the damage is negligible (20 x 4 x 4 is just wishful thinking, at the best), the good part is attack speed slow that can save your core (considering a support phoenix). The 90 GPM talent is bad, even if pro players pick it's is still trash.

                                  So... in a meta defined by laning, why pick Phoenix?

                                  Because she do more damage than a freaking core and completly disrupts a team fight (supernova stun pierces magic immunity): a good phoenix player, even in a support role, will dish something like 40k damage in a 40~50 minutes game, if there is no hard counter, like troll or meepo, the hero just destroy everyone.

                                  drop dead

                                    wtf,phoenix support like worst shit i ever heard

                                    ـMr. PoopyBUGhole


                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                        I feel like you flip flop on how much damage phoenix does. You say the fire spirits dmg is not worth mentioning but then talk about 40k dmg and how great that is. Where is this damage coming from? Certainly it isn't ALL coming from fire spirits, but I think it's more than worth mentioning.


                                          You should probably mention that her ultis AOE had a huge buff recently as well on top of the stun buff

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                                            You should probably know that fly is a phoenix god player


                                              My friend plays phoenix a little bit

                                              Yami Yugi

                                                @Funkefal okay, I saw your profile.... and there are none phoenix game dude... dafuq?

                                                Yami Yugi
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                                                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                    @Sad Larry
                                                    Yup it must be fun raping Archons using Phoenix mid, lul.

                                                    Paquita Genuschka

                                                      @MM.Ugh Brock Hall
                                                      Phoenix does not have a gender, just like Io. So you just refer to Phoenix as "it".

                                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                        @Trevor Philips

                                                        The missing key. See ya later losers, this one is moving up to Divine 2

                                                        Pepega Willow

                                                          @MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                          I was talking about the impact of the spirits in level 1.


                                                            Eggs... Fly has played Phoenix since the early OG days. It has little to do with the hero -- the winrate comes from the fact Fly is captaining EG and EG were the best team there.
                                                            Extrapolate all you want but stats disagree with you.

                                                            It's Fly.


                                                              I like Phoenix as a 4. Works as a good safelane support vs axe too. Keep fire spirits on axe to prevent him from dominating the lane, and your sun ray is an amazing counter to his initiations.


                                                                This isn't surprising at all. Phoenix has always been a hero that ought to fight early in order to create a lot of space for his team.

                                                                As soon as you hit 6 you're all set.


                                                                  GDIT every time I find a hero that wrecks shop at my MMR (Crusader) the pros come along and optimize them to the point they get nerfed and my mmr drops in the ensuing patch.. Ever since the patch that brought meteor hammer, I've play nearly 100 games as phoenix - bringing my wr with the hero to an overall 72.3% winrate but after ti8 I bet that won't be the case :( First Nightstalker, then Necrophos and now this!


                                                                    Pheonix is a Boss. I love this hero. My #2 Hero. Rod of Atos soo good on him IMHO