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    I think all predictions have just a little bit too high numbers
    except assists and shorter game.

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      Hero predictions where ?


        Hero predictions soon)


          @stars so you think 15-20min shortest game is too high? Are you high?

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          Aggressive Jello

            in the last TI compendium, if I am not mistaken, for tournament predictions they only considered games in the main event. is this true this time as well?


              I think 36+ assist is logical, since there will be several game with more than 70+ minutes. Longer games means more teamfight, thus more assist. I am still hesitant on longest game and heroes ban tho


                Is your summer boring? Do you want to make it interesting by loose all your money? Or would you just taste how does it feel to make us a Winner?
                Go and make your bets on, and make YOUR summer into something exciting! - with the mindset of a lame gambler.


                  There's an error: "bo3 adds on average 1.5 games" This is not true. If every matchup were exactly even teams (with 50-50 chance of winning), then 1.5 would be correct. But of course in every matchup there is a team which statistically would win more matchups, shifting the average games in each bo3 BELOW 2.5. Doing the math above would shift the number even higher than 50, but China Super Major was a statistical anomaly. I didn't do all the math now, but considering how competitive TI is, I guess around 2.3 or 2.4 per bo3, so a better prediction of the total would be 45-49.

                  Just looking at the last TIs: 2017=47, 2016=47, 2015=48.

                  I'm guessing the above statistical error (winrate <> 50%) is why TobiWan, Merlini, BananaSlamJamma, Synderen, and others all got it wrong.

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