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Tu tayta

    Not exactly mad about this. It's fun to watch Puck games, but playing against it is obnoxious, even if they are losing hard.


      I <3 PUCK! It's a shame that this mid/late game meta is clouding him out. Perhaps a rework to make it's Phase Shift work like Mirana's Leaps with bonus attack speed would solve the problem. I feel that Puck is still viable in pub matches if the team has big teamfight ults, but anywhere else it just feels out-of-place. No tanking, no damage, it's like playing scout in tf2 only using the Holy Mackerel.

      In other news,

      Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 31.16% win rate. This is a tragedy. Whether being accidentally used while still in fountain or used just in time for that clutch nyx stun saving your teammate's life, it has always made memorable game impacts. It is our duty and responsibility as fellow gamers and members of this community to give the item the win rate it deserves. Thank you in advance for your support.


        Another thing is that Dark Willow is basically a support version of Puck that does more than twice the amount of burst damage Puck has.

        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


          And when you have the aforementioned lightning fast late game viable Storm Spirit available who can throw basically dream coil but better it's hard to justify.


            Increase her Intelligence Gain to 3.0 and her Base Armor to 0 so she can go the "glass cannon" build in 7.20 in Pro Meta, please IceFrog

            Articulatio Atlantooccipital

              Played puck once as a sacrificial offlane. I prefer Puck as a great space creator. But the talent tree is so awkward (who needs rapid fire like seriously). The problem of puck is the fragility. Linken, aeon, eul and blink dagger are pretty much puck item choice leaving only 1 item left (which is either dagon or sycthe). Puck as midlane won't be happening soon, but offlane or even support puck will come.


                A do nothing hero who does nothing.


                  What Happened To OD ?


                    Lone Druid is actually the bottom one even in pick rate. but fuck him right?

                    Waddle waddle

                      Prbly need to rework the talents to provide more synergy to it's skills as well


                        What the PUCK happened?


                          - I don't PUCKing know.


                            - - Shut the PUCK up.

                            anti-vax mom (Karen)

                              Puck you and your family

                              offlaner ≠ supp

                                Puck this sh*t, I'm out


                                  Puck? Never heard of that hero.

                                  Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                    all you noobs just don't know how to play puck that's it. You need to build her into a right clicking beast like qop. I will teach the community .

                                    Magic Kush

                                      dude what the puck are u talking about !??! did u ever played phuck ? puck I mean puck this puck riki still


                                        Nice article

                                        Duke Nukem

                                          Hail to the Puck, Baby!

                                          Mr.MiyaGi. Orunashol

                                            an article for LD pls.


                                              i don't give a phase shifted Puck

                                              e^(2*pi*i) with nature

                                                @Juturna': Well he is not. Naga and Chen are the bottom picks


                                                  Omg I really hope Puck gets buffed. Level 25 Puck here

                                                  2Puck Shakur

                                                    Hi, saw my name


                                                      Was phase shift always disabled by roots? Atos and hex have been getting buffs which is really bad for Puck.


                                                        Puck is my boy, and my boy is strong. Idk what you guys are talking about


                                                          hex mana cost should be reduced to the dust,its broken already being undispellable


                                                            Abed just used Puck and wrecked Secret with it recently no?

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                                                              puck skill are very weak, small dmg


                                                                @JJ: 'What Happened To OD ?'

                                                                Well.. yea.. OD was about 51~54% winrate at 2016, and then 46~48% in early 2017 (If I'm not mistaken). And now it's just went much downhill as far as towards 41% (with some other times I see him 38~39% somewhere this year). I'm an OD player myself, so I felt this hit, and has since long found a foothold on TA at my new account.

                                                                In my opinion, there are a couple of things which contributed to this loses of OD's winrate.

                                                                1). No reliable sustain mechanism in battlefield.
                                                                The nerf to Hurricane Pike health regen (from 5.5 HP to 2.0) is one thing. But generally there wasn't any health regen core build for OD to begin with. Except if you go Linken Sphere (maybe), which isn't too often in many of the games. This resulted in OD having not enough sustain in battlefield, especially against AOE spell nukes, and continuous long range hits (such as versus Sniper, Zeus, and the likes), so he'll frequently found himself with low HP, even at the beginning of enemy's initiation.

                                                                'But the other heroes also cope with these endeavors, aren't they ?'

                                                                Now let's compare OD with the rest of Midlaners.
                                                                OD isn't a kind of hero which has a reliable defensive / escape mechanism by nature. Prison needs to be chosen wisely. Whether you want to save a teammate from dying, delete a dangerous opponent temporarily in wars (for 4 seconds), or to Prison yourself in a last resort 'defense' act, -which then 'hopefully' provided with a non-cooldown Blink Dagger so you can safely blink away, -which isn't always the case in many occasions. -assuming you can successfully blink in time, with the correct direction, with all those enemies or AOE spells waiting outside your Prison. Many OD's in all levels, in fact, suffers from this last-resort Prison mechanism.. i.e. They still died at the end.

                                                                Other Midlaners has a pretty much, more straightforward, and easier ways to execute to get out of battle. Storm Spirit can just storm away from any danger (provided he has the mana, and a half-second of consciousness). Windranger (if you still count her as a Midlaner) has Windrun. Same thing can be said to QOP, with 6-seconds Blink cooldown. With most of them included Eul Scepter and Linken as core item choices. Add to those items for Shadow Fiend, who frequently also uses Shadow Blade / Silver Edge to complete his core build. Even a squishy Invoker could still save some Defeaning Blast, Tornado, Ice Wall, and Ghost Walk to bail himself out. TA ? Refraction, Meld, coupled with Dagger and BKB. End of story. Wait, don't forget Ember and Necro too.

                                                                As for other midlaners such as Sniper and Zeus mostly played far back outside of the battlefield, OD in another hand, needs to be closer to his enemies. Though Hurricane Pike might help a little bit on it, but you're still easily 'seen' when hitting enemies, unlike the previous two. But at the same time also OD don't have the reliable (straightforward) defense / reductions / escape means, or build, whatever, like the previous group of Midlaners.

                                                                Whether you planned it or not, OD will eventually ends-up tanking (receiving) more damages, compared to another Midlaner in general, due to either his skillset, build, positioning, and playstyle.

                                                                Buying Veil of Discord or Mekans to add some sustain doesn't feel in place too. As Veil utility is for magical damage whereas OD's Arcane Orb is a Pure one. Mekans might be bought by your offlaner or supports, though it also doesn't blend in well with the 'scaling' of OD's progression into the late game, due to it only serves +5 INT points.

                                                                Most of the times, the more successful OD are those who bought BKB, though it's not always the case. As the game progressed further, enemies can just back away waiting for 5 secs BKB to fade out, and then re-engage. Or just bought the BKB themselves.

                                                                2). OD is heavily countered by BKB.
                                                                Unlike at the previous era of a few years back, people are now more disciplined. Even in low Tier brackets, you'll see core heroes buying BKB without the need of supports telling them to. Especially against OD. And OD does nothing against BKB, I can say. None of his spells works. And he doesn't have right-click without the Arcane Orb. So, OD is fighting a lose battle, mostly against a natural BKB-user heroes.

                                                                'Then we buy BKB for ourselves?'

                                                                Once again. There's a big difference between OD and the other core heroes when it comes to interaction with BKB.
                                                                Imagine PA vs OD. Both uses BKB at the same time. PA still hits hard on you with Coup de Grace and Phantom Strike both piercing spell immunity. While you as OD can't even enable your Arcane Orb, nor even hitting accurately if you don't have MKB to pierce through PA's evasion. Outcome? You know it.

                                                                Though it doesn't have to be PA, it can be any other core heroes, you name it. AM, Spectre, Alche, Troll, Huskar, TBlade, TA, all has similar mechanism in terms of BKB interaction versus OD. Both of you has BKB. They hit you, you don't hit them back.

                                                                There are probably some other factors which I didn't realize, but in my opinion, at least these two disadvantages are by general the most contributing defects toward OD's low winrate.

                                                                Sorry it's OOT for a long post.
                                                                @Dotabuff: OD article, please?


                                                                  Im the best puck player I guess but I alone cant win the game puck needs to get a linken lke talent tree skills and add ssome base armor and damage ty ahahaahahhaah


                                                                    Thank you for the article! Puck is my favorite hero and even when I know im gonna lose some mmr I still pick her.