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    First! <3


      Fake slashstrike feelsweirdman.

      StEfFkE Srb

        I was trying to hit 4k for 6 years now i swear. My life was sad, i lost girlfriend, job and i was 3k. I was 3975 mmr 10 times and always fell down because of dogs. I done calibration score 8w 2l and i got 4.3k mmr because of this hero (from 3.8k), ez calibration ez life, ty batman you are my favorite hero from now on, fuck Venge fuck Brew and fuck Ta. 👍


          OK but I don't want an article that teaches me how to play a hero that is already at 55% winrate, but rather an article that teaches me how to handle the hero when he is in the opposing team !


            nerfed soon trust me


              i handle this hero by banning, or he would handle the game, lmao



                Yami Yugi

                  Nah, just rupture him and he lost his precious 12 Seconds, why not try support Blood anyway? it gives bloodrage to the one who keep last hitting, it has pure damage to block the chase and stop the cast if the opponent choose to ignore


                    Build ASPD So fking imba

                    Gold Experience Requiem

                      Yeah almost all of my games include Night Stalker in it (whether an ally or an enemy). Whenever an enemy picks it I insta-lock Bloodseeker and just cast rupture and ignore the guy for most of the fights.


                        All this this articles discussing about certain hero/es but no direct links to the hero's main page looks dumb.

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          ^ bro "Void still deals half damage during the day" when you hover over it. <wink>


                            mmmmm miracle stack where?


                              Your TI9 predict sucks


                                ^ I know, right? )