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    Nice analysis. Good patch for a change...

    Bertzzee ⓉⓉⓋ

      From patch to patch I liked all changes, but the only thing that worries me in the last half of the year is the online statistics
      Just imagine what the influx of online would be like if the changes in matchmaking and the games that are happening now would happen in 2017

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      Brad Bowyer

        Due to dire advantage of rosh access due to outposts, Im sure they will move outposts back to the side lanes. Without shrines, this means you cannot teleport to access the jungle. So once the opponent has captured both outposts, all they need to do is to camp the opposite side and you are blocked. This means, either you stomp the opponent or you get stomped.

        The obvious consequence is the squeezing of winrates across the board. Teamfights become even more important and it is now impossible to rat.

        Super Communist

          No Techies in gpm talents change


            what hero is on the background.. ember and who?

            BOBO WORLD

              Why they introduced neutral items if they want to get rid of them I think valve was drunked when they introduced neutral items

              < blank >

                Faceless Void maybe?

                Natalie Sup'Portman

                  Must be either Bane or Spectre imo

                  matt dagon

                    some heroes are still unplayable and i actually forgot they exist

                    [420+XTC] Yorak Hunt

                      Void spirit? Spirit vs Spirit mid?

                      Harry Potter

                        I think it's Faceless Void & Ember Spirit.

                        On a win streak (lose)

                          Nice patch. Change good. Well written.

                          Yami Yugi

                            Yeah its a good change.

                            It now punish support who refuse to support, starving his/her core and ultimately cost the game.

                            Previously support is carefree about their carry's farm because of GPM and neutral items, they can be another core, well, not anymore.

                            Assist gold should be skyrocketing soon.

                            Yami Yugi

                              I think it's Faceless Void & Ember Spirit.


                              Beta Boberino

                                Agree with most of this, however I would posit that the section stating -

                                "The item slot changes nerfs late game carries slightly."

                                Misses the mark. By far this nerfs supports more than carries, in most gameplay carries would only be using 1-2 neutral items through the mid game and 1-0 items lategame as their farmed allowed them to get items which were much more impactful. A support stacked with a Net/Craggy in lategame, or 2-3 utitlity items, while still having the ability to carry dusts and free wards made the patch a support insanity.

                                Both the backpack, the neutral nerf, and the GPM/XPM talents all point to Dota wanting brawl heavy that FORCES cores to play together early in a brawl style. For a period the brawl could be carried by supports for a higher period of the game, these recent changes are going to force cores to play the map as supports will be much weaker than 7.23.

                                Well written and appreciate your thoughts.

                                supp0rt picker

                                  Actually we got 7 item slot now. I will have more room for small item in mid game now. So overrall it is a buff for all hero. 1 slot for neut item mean u shoud throw it in vaul for ur team. So it good for gameplay becase It save time and make all happy.

                                  supp0rt picker

                                    Tanky support like turska or undying can simpy bring 3 or 4 bracer in mid game . That fucking tanky.

                                    supp0rt picker

                                      And background is ember and spec i think.

                                      MkbX.NW.Da Kyung

                                        remove gpm.. CM now jungling