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    Great article! My first!! XD


      Club D´boísmo

      Brad Bowyer

        No one maxes ice path first unless you are in your own dream world. First skill has to be maxed first as it gives both damage and a slow.
        If you want to dominate your lane, you need damage, not stuns. In lower level pubs, the laning stage can last very long, so in 2v2 situations, the ice path is very weak and only used to interupt channeling spells.

        Rod of atos is usually better than euls, as it has a much longer cast range. The combo is usually euls or atos, then ulti and then land ice path, then 1st skill and then 3rd skill. The thing about euls is that it allows you to save yourself, but I prefer the stats which atos gives. They should give at least 5 str for an item as expensive as euls in order to make it more viable for supports to purchase.

        An early aghs is also viable, considering it allows you to farm stacks of ancients together with another neutral camp if you are pos 3 jakiro. It is expensive for pos5 jak, but for pos4 and 3, it is definitely worth it. It defends your base with ease and works extremely well if you already got an atos. Very safe item for a very safe hero with excellent stats, combined with the fact that almost all neutral items work extremely well with this hero.

        Molly Carlson

          I agree with Dreadnought325.


            Great analyze bro, can't believe you're Arc4. You describe it well even small details. :)

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              This hero made my medal go up from crusader to legend in the year 2019. Now grinding again using jak so i could get back to legend and beyond. xD
              Crowd control, teamfight damage, push and farm he got it. Spam it, thank me later.

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              Yami Yugi

                I agree with Dreadnought325 too.

                I played this hero since 2005, and now he still instill fear to late game with pierce immunity talents to his aghs SS.

                Marshall doesn't Mather

                  i dnot play this hero since im not scalie garbage

                  Piss Salesman

                    When are talents going to be updated on Dotabuff?

                    Post game lecture after game

                      Nice article but I would just kept on spamming underlord in archon bracket :P

                      Von Darkmoor

                        Another bullshit article about some blatantly obvious for everyone not playing League of Legends.......

                        Post game lecture after game

                          ^ lol said by a crusader 2. u r not qualified to criticize xD


                            Expand on the items more. Euls you covered nicely, but follow it with Atos and how it can be used as a much longer range; but Atos lacks the defensive use and can be countered by force staffs. New (cheaper) Drums is an excellent Jak item as the active can be used to help your teammates burst down a target you've stunned. Blink if you're super rich, Veil if you need the damage, Pipe or Mek into Greaves.

                            Radiance Mid Warlock

                              lmao the crusader with 46.38% win rate complaining about quality of the article, nerd

                              forced 50%

                                Half year ago I was really tired of retards crying “where is your euls?” while I was climbing with glimmer+force staff Jakiro at 70% winrate


                                  I dont play a lot of jakiro, but I think 2 points of dual breath for the laning phase is usually enough. After this point id focus on ice path and liquid fire. Ice path will give you more control and ulti damage. Liquid fire's CD is very level dependent (20/15/10/4) and is great for disabling right clicking cores and pushing towers. Let the direction of the game dictate which skills to level up


                                    Good read