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Oh no its Joe



      Don't forget abour Doom Aghs, which gives Infernal Blade Break as well. :)

      Gurin Jeimuzu

        Shadow demon aghs does remarkably well against spectre. An option could be for a Mid Alch to rush one value aghs to an SD after radiance


          Easy Peasy


            middle lifestealer + silver edge, or just win lane


              Considering how doom is right now,he is quite good agaidt spec. He can lane well vs spec with his regen alongside spec pretty low kill potential. He also cam farm aghs pretty easily considering how bonker devour is right now combined with the talent

              фальсификация голосования

                kill all the other heroes while spec farms and end in under 30 mins


                  ice blast go brrr


                    If it goes like 50ish minutes, your average offlaners with stronk rightclicks like Pit Lord, BB, Tide or legion can totally go silver edge and just use it for the break.
                    Bristle/LC/Tide with the talent all hit like freight tons.

                    Siu Mai

                      My past experience as spectre. Versus pa lifestealer and slark. 3 with silver edge (turbo games duh). I was instantly melted with three hitting me at the same moment
                      Cant even trigger bkb or manta.

                      Item(bm manta diffusal bkb threads heavens)

                      Also its a 4v5. The turn around hero sandking disconnected :(


                        dealing with tb should be the post my amigo xd


                          ‘In fact, Undying is probably one of the hardest Spectre counters in the game’
                          Me: Ah i see you're a man of culture


                            Pick ET 3 and bash her fucking brains in

                            a 110fps player: mario

                              nah u need bible

                              Dua Lipa

                                Considero que es suficiente con un hc u off enemigo de Right Click fuerte que compre casualmente Silver Edge como Legion o Slark. O simplemente crecer en itemizacion tan rápido como ella para poder dominarla en el juego medio con un core activo como storm o ember.

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