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    wow, atlast someone said somthing about LS, the hero is dead since feast changes in 7.23, that is one spell that must be fully reverted back to his skillset, Else he is an absolute creep!


      I agree LS has traditionally been the Strength hero that shredded other strength hero’s. But ever since 7.23 he has not been that hero when feast got changed.

      Combine that with the fact OD the other “strength hero” counter has not been very good recently, it means the svens magnus’ tusks clockwerks of this game have been allowed to run amuck.

      Also OD, people need to stop playing him mid, he is a safe lane carry now because he requires 3-4 items to be good at this point. When he is played mid he gets severely out classed and outpaced by the meta mobile mids like QoP, Ember, Void Spirit, Storm, Batrider, Puck, Visage now, ect.

      OD requires at the minimum now Aghs, BKB, Blink/hurricane pike, to be effective. The new arcane orbs let him farm relatively fast as he can one shot a lot of creeps with them, plus them being percent based means its similar to Ogre’s unrefined fire blast in that he can always cast them even with 10 mana, which then procs his essence flux for 50% of his mana to restore. He is a late game beast, he just needs his team to let him get there. He is a carry that doesnt need to build damage items as his pure damage scales really well. He just needs survivabilty, attack speed and Aghs so he can steal alot of mana from enemies (especially if they are int heros, example 20% of a qop’s 2500 mana gives him 500 extra mana pool)so his ult is really effective against the agility and streghth hero’s in the game.

      Lioninjawarloc (For Boz <3)

        if you pick OD in the safelane you are griefing the game. that hero needs level to even remotely funciton. and then theres the fact that he has no farming ability, doesnt want to build most of the farming items in the game, and he cant hit towers.

        Brad Bowyer

          Just go and look at heroes winrates and you will find OD and Keeper at the bottom. Those heroes at the top are mostly cores like Wraith King, Jugg, riki. Nyx and Jugg were quickly nerfed but seems insufficient. I think many supports bought shard thinking that they were good, but not realizing that most of those shards upgrade were situational, while many cores had compulsory shard upgrades like qop, DK, Jugg have shard as their core items. I think Jugg shard is still too op, many players are abusing it as it can easily slaughter any support. Just imagine supports buying ghost sceptors to counter Jugg ulti, but Jugg easily uses his shard and spin at you, there is basically no item to equip to defend against a Jugg. So what you will eventually see is instaban and pick Jugg. Hoodwink got nerfed and is no longer the instaban.

          Basically many shards have become core items like how many aghs had become core items for many heroes. Jugg has 2 core items, agha and the shard and there is basically no way to counter him once he has both items.

          浦飯 幽助

            Have you tried not getting caught by the melee hero as a support? No need to buff/nerf something that’s countered by good positioning.


              What do you mean it's been a couple of weeks