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Czesio gra

    First :))

    Seroj Unchained

      Looks like no one cares about support visage. Sad gargoyle :(


        da birb shall be back

        Just Play Better

          Given how well the hero scales with levels and how flexible his itemization is, you're giving up a lot by playing in a trilane or as a support.

          You'd need one of the other trilane heroes to be making space and taking less farm from minute 6-8 towards minute 14+ to enable your game plan to work. The natural choice for such a sacrifice is an offlaner who only cares about laning stage items before getting very active with a 3-5k networth. The problem is, most heroes who'd care about that value the exp just as heavily as you do.

          You also introduce substantial vulnerabilities into your lineup unless the other support is easily able to TP to defend your two solo players, but if that sequence is forced you're Visage +1 and this overloading one lane is unlikely to payoff in a way that you'd like.

          It's more likely to work if visage is playing as a 5 against a relatively weak offlane, with a 1/2 who wants to be very active in the jungle or around the map. This frees up a solo lane to allow Visage to hit 6 and start pushing towards level 12 for a big power spike. Ofcourse if you're doing this, you're really playing Visage as somewhere around a 3.5 in terms of farm priority and he's going to be a critical part of your objectives in the game.

          west and waste__Mitho

            Nice content


              If you high, the symbols next to KawaiiSocksz name spell DOTA in a abstract way