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    Great list! Keep up the good work.


      Winter Wyvern is imo the most broken of all but that is because of Holy Locket I guess so at the same time she doesn't qualify.


        ^nerf locket and Wyvern will still be good but not stupidly busted, right now she can effectively nuke her teammate back to full HP from 5%

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          Heavenly Demon

            acho qui falto o axe mais a lista ta boa


              Seems like a seriously bold prediction saying there won't be a balance patch before qualifiers, especially with this big event due this week; thats a good time to coincide with a patch.

              tricks destroyer

                Seriously TB is broken ? a 48% winrate hero who is countered by every nuke midlaner in the game (puck/zeus/tinker/invoker/pugna/sky/lina/all the spirits) and by every carry who has a bkb and a maelstrom, and pl, and drow.. as for offlaners he suffers against dark seer, sand king, axe, tide, mars, cent....
                how many more direct counters you want for a hero?
                He isn't broken, he needs buffs. Pro teams play 4 protect 1 now, thats why the pick TB. In pubs he's mostly unplayable since the sunder bkb change change.

                tricks destroyer

                  Also most of the major's TB games they didn't even buy Aghs... your aghs take is wrong. It is still worse than damage/stats items by far.

                  Witch king of Angmar

                    Gz for this trash article. AA, mars, was the most picked heroes in major. And in pubs they are soooo good right now. Phoenix and ww with locket are insane. But if u think a hero shouldnt do 2 things, then tell me, where is axe in that list? A super tanky axe with pure dmg like (higher and aoe, so better) spectre with that shard?


                      someone forgot cm, she is too overpowered rn with that movespeeed

                      Ser Pounce

                        *look at winrate of said heroes*

                        Riiight... A nerf...

                        I Asked

                          This article is a fking joke

                          potm of the moon

                            Puck swung out of the meta for quite a long time before the 7.28 (when he got buffed). It was really wild, before the buff, puck couldn't clear a creep wave and has to right click a few before you can spam combo the creep wave. Rendering his damage useless during late game. He got nerfed since while it was a great buff for Puck to farm, it was too good for Team Fights. As he got nerfed, I think the current Puck is already balanced enough.


                              Puck has a below 50% winrate in all ranks in the last month, how is the hero broken. His winrate is so close to 50% that surely he is in a great place at the moment? Yes, he had 63% winrate at the Animajor, yet the same can be said of most meta heroes when pros play them in tournaments.


                                People who are bitching and crying on this article, while saying "Look at the winrates!!!" need to realise this: The author CLEARLY is talking about the pro scene. He's writing this right after the Animajor, and while many of you (understandably) don't follow the meta like the pro's do. And the OP is correct, said heroes are to good and can create a stale, 1 trick meta which isn't fun for both spectators AND participants.

                                And while the pro scene is only 0.1% of the playerbase, we all know that balance is for about 85% based on what happens during tournaments, since nearly half of the shit that gets changed between patches barely get any plays in your average pubs. Io nerfs, anyone?

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                                  tb is broken coz pro players dont pick lina, zeus, invoker or any burst hero lol


                                    Nerf tb and pl lmao


                                      Tb's aghs is on 80 sec cooldown and cannot pierce bkb and it certainly does not stop him from gone on as 5 and being bursted before you have a chance to use it. Bruh, TB is far needing a nerf, too many heroes are annoying for him to play against (ZEUS, LINA).


                                        @Arius There is still a limit in how you can nerf a hero based on pro level play when said hero has a below 50% winrate in pubs. Sure, you can balance the game only around pro level play, yet that can make heroes unplayable in the 99.99% of games that aren't played at the pro level. A 55-60% winrate pub hero isn't going to see any direct buffs to the hero, even if it sucks at pro level, otherwise the playerbase isn't going to be happy.

                                        Мочу русню в пабе

                                          brood is balanced and unbroken hero : )


                                            Terrorblade no necesita un nerf, sus counters necesitan un pequeño buff.
                                            Dawnbreaker Timber y puck nerf directo.


                                              The problem with this kind of articles is that it highlights broken heroes that couldve fled under the radar. I have not seen a single TB aghs in my ancient pubs before this article, and now they are all over the place. So thanks for the informative content, but also pleaserefrain from ruining my support life in the future.

                                              Low APM, Lower IQ

                                                I dont think Terrorblade is a problem. Puck definitely needs a rework though and I was surprised to see Winter Wyvern and Axe not on this list as they are busted AF.

                                                WHEN THE LYRICS FROM THE ...

                                                  puck needs a nerf, still broken:(

                                                  wait for me

                                                    Surprised no one is talking about Luna. 11th most popular, 53%+ winrate is broken as hell.


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