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      The Switchblade

        great article!

        Brünk Hüll

          Dark Seer absolutely does not do as well as he used to in lane. During the days of solo-offlane, the low cost of throwing ion shell on any creep you want made it very easy to get what you needed out of the lane. Gold and xp just came easy, and a point in surge was enough.

          Nowadays you're seeing this hesitance to be aggressive with ion shell because you can't spam ion shell. This makes it significantly harder to get farm, as you really need at least two shells going to kill lane creeps without the enemy simply denying them. This is, of course, if the enemy simply doesn't just attack the creep until it's dead before it can do real damage. Better to shell the jungle, mess with pull camps, and prep. That's kind of the bigger history behind what the aforementioned pro players are doing in those early levels.

          Anyone looking to pick the hero up: don't pick it against ranged teams. Juggernauts, Tinys, CKs, Svens, DKs, etc, these heroes like to be up close, and you can use that to your advantage so much more easily than trying to vacuum a delta-splitting team of necros, drows, and qops.


            Do you guys respond to messages sent to support@dotabuff?
            I am awaiting a reply



              Lol no


                "As much as I dislike the late-game meta, they say that if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em". Does this mean that Techies can be the meta?

                YABBA DABBA DO

                  unsexy heroe?!?!?!?!

                  Kaladin Stormblessed

                    Damn I love this article. Very well explained what makes the hero so strong. Please Gaben no nerfs


                      nice one