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RosHan Solo

    Void is an insta-ban for me even in turbo - his RNG bash just feels ridiculous when it procs. I would say he is due a nerf since all the pros are also banning/picking him but with the arcana its unlikely.


      Clinkz ?

      П3Я✪ & HOUSE

        Void, Juggernaut and Clinkz for me

        polish jarry

          I disagree with the ursa part, mainly due to the morbid mask nerf, he was a much bigger threat in previous patches since he threatened rosh very early, but now his timing on killing rosh is later.


            Мммм хуета

            Solemn Judgment

              well, you don't even need morbid mask at all to rosh with ursa, coordinate with team


                Why do you build Faceless Void with Mjollnir and not Battlefury anymore?


                  Battle fury for void only if enemy has 4 Meele heroes.