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    Rush veil , win game

    Lirói Dinquins

      Viper farms considerably better now and can push waves more easily. It's a breeze farming stacked camps with new Nethertoxin, and new Nethertoxin is much better now at pushing waves.


        I'd pick brood here


          And again Valve splits the game into imbalanced and trash heroes. Why is it so difficult to make balanced meta? It becomes so annoying to see the same 20 heroes playing in pubs all the time

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                Imbalanced and trash heroes? What are you talking about. Sure some heroes are good, but the beauty of the game has always been the fact that there is always a counter to everything out there. You just have to find the hero that works well against the meta heroes and then you are ahead of the curve and can get easy wins. There is a certain circular motion on the meta game and it generally works pretty good... And the hero pool moves on from one meta to another in a few weeks to a few months.

                Everything has a counter and every hero can look like the most invincible thing in this game in the right game. There are some staples of the game like Pudge for example who is played no matter if he is good or not...


                  пук пук пук пикну лешрака


                    Can't wait for the nerf of Solar Crest, what a insanely overtuned item.


                      Yes! Moreover now we got imbalanced and trash items (e.g solar crest vs silver edge)


                        Metsis, you talk shit bro. Compare OD with average win rate 58% and monkey king with 43%. And try to play them both in matchmaking, you will feel the difference. And leave the fairy tales that everything has the counter to the storytellers. We are talking about regular pub


                          But I don't expect other thought from Crusader rank player =)


                            Insu dry your tears omg :D never seen such a salty winer


                              legend player rank shaming xDDD

                              refresher on tinker

                                bro you're legend don't talk trash to crusaders


                                  @Insu These games (MOBAS) don't run off "Balanced meta". They run off perfect imbalance. There are too many variables, especially in Dota (because the game has more mechanics and variables than other MOBAS). So to "Balance" the game, they soft cap the "ridiculous" and allow breathing room for people to do what they want and only nerf things in a iteration patch if it's too ridiculous and an unforeseen change. Essentially the game is balance by long-term change. Not a 1 time fix patch that makes everyone 50% winrate. It won't happen, never will.

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                                    1. Take Nyx
                                    2. Prey for good targets
                                    3. Mana boots, wind lance.
                                    4 Gain few kills
                                    5 Dagon.
                                    6 Repeat 4 & 5.
                                    7 Get Phylactery and Shard.
                                    8 Make every team fight 4vs5
                                    9 Win game, get MMR, drink enemy tears and enjoy their despair.
                                    10. Experimantal do not try(Dagon 5,Khanda,Kaya,2 Rapiers, Shard and boots) make (after full combo) "W" damage equal ~4000 damage.


                                      Why does Dotabuff have posts like this? We're just here for data, right?

                                      *Fariz89 - Main Id

                                        this is smurf account
                                        its useless to talk about Balance or Imbalance
                                        our art is to abuse Imbalance Hero
                                        dont cry if u cant abuse Imbalance / OP / Strong Hero here
                                        u can whining all day if u can only use 1-2 Hero that got nerfed
                                        i choose to have fun with current meta Imbalance / OP Hero
                                        u guys focus on negative side ? good
                                        i choose to focus on positive side , found OP Hero current meta ? learn, try, abuse, have fun

                                        *Fariz89 - Main Id

                                          need more challenge ? try to win with loser hero in this current meta
                                          its bullshit when u said see only 20 hero at the current patch, bullshit

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