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    CM is the hero for starters


      Hard disagree. She is squishy, spellcasting-reliant, can, should and almost needs to win her lane and her biggest powerspike is level 2. I think Venge, Witch Doctor, Warlock and Jakiro are the best beginner-friendly heroes for support players, while carries should play something like Wraith King or Troll


        I feel this post on a personal level. I have introduced 2 of my friends to dota who previously had little to do with strategy games and who have both doubled my playtime since then.
        Another friend of mine tried to introduce me to LoL before I started dota, yet another tried to teach me dota at the time. Both lacked the patience or understanding to get me to play their game. Eventually I ended up learning it myself though.

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          I dont get how the dota community is toxic


            I'd pick venge here


              Hard time for Dota when you are need a guide to introduce new players into it


                I'd pick brood here

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                    I don't really understand the hatred against CM for newcomers, Kawaii. Your points against her are perfectly valid, but I don't necessarily see why you cast her as an 'avoid at all costs' hero. Certainly she shouldn't be the hero one tries at the very start for sure, but maybe after getting the bare basics and they start to branch, she should be attempted. She isn't a bad hero by any means, and her useful abilities and vastly reduced reliance on items make her a hero to teach players that 'abilities sometimes make the hero more useful, versus the hero with any items they wield'.

                    For your carries, I actually put a point against Troll for his ult. For the inexperienced, it's a death sentence. New players literally lose control of their hero as he just runs head-first into deep enemy territory as they find their commands are ignored entirely. I'd instead recommend heroes along the likes of Luna or even Sniper, the former for being able to farm and push quickly and easily, farming efficiently, and being able to fight somewhat early should they choose with her nukes, and I say Sniper because he seems to be a comfort hero for most new players (at least back in my days, and he was for me personally, don't @ me) due to his long range and ease of use and execution.


                      I'd never would introduce my significant other to Dota 2, lmao. I wouldn't play competitive games in general.


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                          Don’t try to play this game newbies


                            It's almost impossible. Dota accumulated so many mechanics, heroes, items and map objectives that "playing casually on a coach with your lover" is just not possible if you want to actually have fun. Dota's fun comes really when player knows the game, and with current state of the game you cannot jump in - probably at least 20-30 hours required to understand what is displayed on the screen.

                            Dota does have good tutorial though, but even with that it's not enough to justify inviting somebody to play. Way too big time investment. And don't get me started on community.

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                              Вообще не понятно для чего этот пост:)


                                хуйня пудж лучше

                                Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                                  For starters support role is better. Party with an experienced carry in safe lane in AI match.
                                  Support: CM, Lion, Shaman, ES, Tiny, Enchantress, Ogre

                                  After learning to play with a carry, learn the carry role in AI match. Solo or Party.
                                  Carry: WK, Drow,

                                  Then play a lot of normal match either support or carry with a party. Learn the mechanics, roles, and other heroes spells.
                                  At this point you already know how to communicate with the team.

                                  Next is to learn the harder roles. Mid and Initiator/Offlane.
                                  Mid: Lina, Storm, DK, QoP, Zeus
                                  Offlane: DK, Tide, Axe, Primal Beast, Doom

                                  Finally, learn how to macro, item timing, event timing, positioning, combo, map awareness, etc.


                                    You're not even playing this game that much. What exactly are you to write something like a journal about Dota 2?


                                      I've been writing for Dotabuff for 10+ years, but apart from that I am a former top3000 EU Immortal (~3 years ago), currently also casting high level Dota 2 tournaments, with Riyadh and Dream League S21 being highlights last year. And the reason I am not playing that much lately is because most of my time I do coaching for beginner friends on my personal Discord. Hope that answers your questions.


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                                              I like this type of content, thanks Kawaiisocks!

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