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Tryhard religious mute pl...

    I'm done with sea server. Since i have faster connection now thinking of playing in aus wirh 110 ping which is not bad but i havent found a game 25 min in is it always like that? Us west is the same but before i could get games in 5-10 minutes

    Or i could go japan and 1v5 everytime bc people there have super inflated mmr and are so bad

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    Lord Flames

      Why don't u just stick to SEA?


        Whats your queue times on Japan? Also USW has horrible skill, Eu is a bit better.

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          usw OMEGALUL
          just queue japan and match with sea people anyway
          aus people trying to queue sea and this nibba trying to go to aus
          ayy lmao


            Gl finding games at 4am in Australia LUL.

            Tryhard religious mute pl...

              Idk i'm just done with sea man. I just want to try other servers and see for myself. I played us west before on 180 ping and i think people there have inflated mmr too because od the unbalanced matchmaking because you rarely get games with people of the same mmr.

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                Pls don't come US West. We have a hard enough time with no one in the game speaking the same language and flaming each other in ways no one even understands. I'm sure you wouldn't specifically be an issue but I don't want anyone else getting any ideas.


                  SEA server is kinda ok. OMEGALUL

                  Tryhard religious mute pl...

                    I tried queing once again with us west and east, aus and japan on. Havent found a game for 26 minutes then q'ed for sea found a game within 30 seconds.



                      It's SEA, learn to deal with it.


                        Honestly, if you can climb MMR in SEA, it feels like it's worth more, considering you battle through all the chaos and flames and manage to get to those high MMRs.

                        Lord Flames

                          I think as time goes it gets easier, u spend 3k hours on the same server and you will know how people will react, so it's kinda OK I guess