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    how do I play with high archon low legend ranked players? I am ancient 1 because of my party mmr but its like i dunno how to play team work with archons compared to when i play with legend 5 - divine 0. I dont really mind playing pos 3 or 4 and sometimes mid, but obviously my comfort zone (where I am mostly in control) is playing snowbally in your face carry type of heroes

    should i play adjust to the draft kind of guy?
    or just fucking first pick my best heroes before someone takes my role? - my profile if it helps

    what hc hero can u pick w/o getting punished,

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      My dude you gotta play your best role, that's the only way to get out of archon mmr, you could try pos 4-5 but that will get frustrating when you go for a kill attempt and no one reacts.




          I was for long time around 3k-3.3k mmr and couldnt get up. After I swapped to "flexpick" (taking any role needed to be picked), I skyrocketed to 4k.

          I would say making sure 4 other players in your team are comfortable is more important than you being in your best (if you can play your role). If you have some decent heroes you can play on other roles, go for it.

          For example me:
          Position 5 - WD, SD
          4 - SD (or pretty much anything, playing as offlane supp)
          3 - Doom (nothing else I can play)
          2 - WR, Dusa, DK
          1 - I dont play at all

          Unhealable Damage GrandGrant

            I climbed from 2.2k to 3.2 as pos 4, if you really play like an ancient you should win against archons no matter your role

            Zechs Merquise

              Honestly if you are skilled and legit ancient then just try to wait to last pick or second to last pick and counter pick the enemy draft. People are always looking for a universal answer to all their dota problems when there is more possibilities and combinations of things to worry about than any game. 1 Hero wont be a foolproof answer to carrying.

              Rather like I said figure out how to counterpick. If the enemy team has no AOE and little CC, PL will be a great hero because they cant kill illusions. If the enemy team has no magic damage and relies on Heavy right click, PA could be a strong choice because of her natural evasion. If the enemy has a super slow lategame lineup, then maybe pick a strong early game hero like Jugg or Gyrocopter. Everything is situational, but if you outclass people by rank then you can outpick them.

              Otherwise just play visage homie and win every game in 20 minutes. Trust me (Top 200 Visage in World)


                Playing support in Archon is so damn fraustrating.

                Joseph Renz Del Rosario

                  you are in sea 3k below players here are always tilted haha just hope and pray that you dont get toxic teams and you'll be fine