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General Discussionwts brood coaching full day for $200

wts brood coaching full day for $200 in General Discussion

    will do till you are tired or bored of me,i'm a bad player though but i can give you everything i know!

    as long we started at the time i woke up,i can do 24 hours i think but you guys will probably tired after 8 hours,right? please i hope that's right

    post me your friend id or add me on steam if you are interested,after your payment actually goes into me we'll decide the time or start right away

    go go! gib me monies for bpass exp!


      aksing for a bit too many monni don"t you think?

      bad romance

        who would pay for that shit when you can learn it for free

        Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

          Can I send u a picture of me naked as payment?


            i follow trends!
            gib me moniesssssssssssssssssss
            nope i dont want since you human being

            ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

              ^would u like anime waifu instead


                ye i like cute people

                stepmania elitist

                  ive become a cute anime.girl ever since i play osu


                    wat really? did you drink morphling everyday?

                    lil durk



                        thats really cheap. for lifetime coaching right? so youll by my bitch anytime i call?


                          na it's just full day so only one day


                            1 day $200 bucks. dude. are you umm, deluded?

                            Abyss Watcher

                              Milf hero eww


                                For 200 bucks I can get cukie to be my bitch.

                                Wiz Khalifa - Maan

                                  Money-hungry Peenoise for BP lvls. LOL

                                  Dota phychologist



                                      Jokes aside you will run out of things to say after a few hours, unless self-repeat or some time-waster like watching replays together. If you are not experienced with it, it will be even worse.

                                      Този коментар е бил редактиран

                                        yes i'm deluded

                                        probably,but it took me watching 20 replays for 3 days i think to actually get the basics of the hero,watching replays together is a good idea you know

                                        no more netflix and chill,watch replay and kys


                                          Suck my dick dude lmao


                                            you crazy freak


                                              :giff: :giff:
                                              so boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed