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General DiscussionAre you satisfied with your medal?

Are you satisfied with your medal? in General Discussion

    Back in the days of MMR numbers were you satisfied?
    Do you prefer medals or do you look at your MMR?

    At what medal/mmr would you be satisfied with?

    I was never happy with pure mmr, and am still not. I thought 5k would do it for me, i thought divine would do it for me, now i have my eyes set on the leaderboards.

    Goal - Rank 1000


      I just wanna be crusader then I’ll quit

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        idc about mmr and medals lol.

        Perpetual State of Indiff...

          no road to top200


            thats like 7.3 for Eu yeah?

            Retnuh Flim

              honestly just want ancient 1 then ill quit dota and look for a job (recently graduated)


                honestly just want crusader 1 then ill quit dota and ace college. (recently flunked 1st year)

                백범 김구

                  you have some fucked up priorities


                    At first i just didnt care back in 2014 when i calibrated 2.7k and was satisfied until 2017 when 2ks were being called scrubs . So i just tried hard and after some time got 3.3k . Then i found how easy it was to climb rank and tried further , But due to studying i had to do some breaks . Got 3.7k after like half a year . Now im 4k and i can honestly go 4.5k+ right now with my current skills just if i get a break from study .

                    play for fun

                      no i wanna be a pro player someday


                        My goal is to go pro. I know I may only be 4k now but that's because of my shit teammates that are pulling me back. Once I reveal my true skill I'm pretty sure all those leaderboard scrubs will fear the Wasp. K A P P A I'm happy where I am lol

                        Pale Mannie

                          crusader/low archon is comfy as fuck but i definitely could go higher

                          There's a snake in my ass

                            Back in the days of MMR numbers were you satisfied?

                            When it first came out I got 5k pretty quickly and regularly used to play against pros. I honestly thought I wasn’t good enough to be there. I was satisfied I guess but probably didn’t deserve it and definitely didn’t influence games as much as I do now.

                            I took a long break (3 years on and off) and only on the occasions I played I dropped down to 4.2 or something. I recently came back properly and I’m now sat at 5.1 and feeling more comfortable than ever.

                            Do you prefer medals or do you look at your MMR?

                            I look at my MMR more but visuals are cool

                            At what medal/mmr would you be satisfied with?

                            Div 5/bottom tier immortal

                            Story Time

                              all these opinions matter...


                                Idc about it atm.
                                I just want to win with heroes I like.


                                  I will just grind to top 2k immortal then i will quit(sea btw, top 2k sea is top 4k eu)

                                  A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                    I think im happy with my current medal, considering i was 4k like 3 years ago

                                    Edit* 4 years ago

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                                      I wouldn't get satisfied even if I hit 4k rn


                                        NO ! played on my 6.3k acc yestarday and the rank 86 ember was total trash,top 100 ez 4 me just need to stop tilt and focus and stop being toxic

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                                          lol ez for you but you are still 6.3k lul

                                          concerned carrymates

                                            Well my friend made a smurf and get 3.5k
                                            After i beat him(3.6/3.7 idk) i dont rly care honestly lol
                                            Now im not even done recalibrating because my friend is still 3.5-3.7k

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                                              @divine i play since april 2017 what do u expect OmegaLUL

                                              Mode : TOPSON

                                                pretty satisfied
                                                archon and crusaders is really heaven for playing casual dota any lower or higher than that is unnecessary burden,
                                                never tried to reach divine ( i cant sacrifice my lifes for dota lmao) atleast ancient was my highest achievement with heavy sacrifice (nearly drop out from school lmao)

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                                                A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                                  wait what... i did pretty well for my studies as well as dota
                                                  you almost drop out from school just for ancient?

                                                  mao ying

                                                    just wanna play for fun but people in sea wont let me


                                                      If I were to tryhard as much as I did in my last bloodseeker game that I got Archon 1, i.e. actually practice heroes, play the meta, and coordinate my team, I can probably go from Archon to Legend, but it really doesn't feel worth it to be stressed out all the time. I don't want to be yelling at my team every game past 25 minutes just to prevent the throw. I don't want to be so jumpy and anxious to win each match I breathe fire down the necks of teammates because I play in a bracket where their mistakes (and my mistakes) matter. I don't want to spam meta or booster heroes because I can't win otherwise.

                                                      When I watch higher-level play, there's a level of precision to kiting and juking that's just unreal. It may be fun to watch, but as a burst (physical or magical) hero playing against this shit, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT TILT SEEING ENEMIES ESCAPE WITH 5% HP BUT KNOWING YOU CAN'T CHASE OR YOU DIE? Call me a mental midget, but I honestly do not want to play in a bracket where enemy supports actually buy kiting and saving items (force, glimmer, euls) and use them with enough regularity that I either have to be 100% precise on my ganks or calculate the enemy spells or must buy force/blink just to be able to attack the enemy without overextending. How the fuck is that fun to play? I hated LOL precisely because of this twitchy reflex meta and I don't want to play in a bracket where I'm expected to juke to stay alive. No fuck that, I don't want to play in a bracket where cowardice is rewarded. I'll man up and fight 'em and i expect a duel between me and my pursuer, where we trade 1 for 1 (or my team avenges my death), not one where the core thinks "avenging you isn't efficient, I'll get more gold farming or even if I can get more gold from the kill, I'm too likely to die" or the enemy always has TP to escape the revenge or the enemy support always has urn/mek/glimmer to block my last tick of DoT damage. FUCK THAT.

                                                      I fundamentally don't want to play against better players, I just want to win without effort. Lately, when I see enemy supports stacking, I just have the urge to report them. When I see them dying for their cores rather than escaping and letting the core die, it makes me wanna smash their face IRL. FUCK YOU. IDGAF about my cores when I play support unless you have rapier or gem. Your life is just as important as mine. I don't care if you need gold, if I have wave-clear and you don't and we need to push, I'm taking that wave. If you are gonna die, I'm not saving you unless I can get a counterkill or I can save us both without any deaths. Otherwise, you die to enemy gank, not my problem. I'm not covering for a noob who was out of position.

                                                      I guess I'm happy where I'm at.

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                                                      Jack Attack

                                                        I originally disliked the medal system it has grown on me now. I'm satisfied with my medal though my goal is 5k mmr glad they never did away with number.

                                                        A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                                          Greed always grows, i too was the same as you, i wanted 5k, and then 6k..., and then 7k,,, and then now 8k

                                                          Adepta Sororitas

                                                            I prefer my Medal Over MMR number. I like the fact theirs 5 whole starts above my medal.

                                                            The Weeknd

                                                              I played for 5 yrs of dota 2 and my solo is around guardian but my party has been boosted alot. I am not satisfied with my party boosted ancient. I am aiming for divine


                                                                Last season i started at Anc1(4.2k) and the goal was to aim Div0 at the end of the season, and I ended the season at Div3(5.3k). This season my goal is to hit leaderboard(around 5750 i believe?) and I just hit Div4(5440), but I cant play much due to my studies occupying most of my free time.

                                                                A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                                                  since when leaderboard was 5750, the immortal 2000~ i know were at least 6.2k or smth


                                                                    Sixe on top seems like the most retarded and toxic player you could ever find in a game lmao


                                                                      If my number of (ranked) games exceeds my MMR, I’ll quit Dota. That’s my only measure.


                                                                        I've matched with few rank 2.2k and 2.8k players in my pub, and I asked them about their current mmr. iirc, rank 2.2k is at around 6k and 2.8k is like 5.8k mmr. Winning a game or two at that rank bracket will up like 100+- ranks.

                                                                        SoBayed もも

                                                                          I just want to reach ancient (been trying for a year or so) then I can stop playing this shitty game in peace

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