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How to get out from Archon V - 2,820 MMR (Solo) in General Discussion
BlackComb | MojaOfficial

    Hello, guys, I am Moja and this is my first question here in the forums so I would like to ask as the titles say on how to get out from Archon 5 so basically, I've been playing DOTA 2 for almost 3-4 Months and my first all pick match was last 08/2018 but I stopped because I was interested in playing PUBG but it has a lot of bugs so now I'm back I started playing again this October 23, if ever you are asking how do I know the basics I was able to play DOTA 1 before.

    So now I was able to unlock the ranked mode which it took me 101 matches to get it and then 10 calibration solo rank matches with 8 Wins and 2 Lose and I was given Crusader 5 as a start of which is good as per to my friends so I started playing all rank games and kept on winning until I was able to reach Archon 5 within a week (I have work by the way so I can only play 4 to 5 hours MWF then 6 to 9 hours if its Saturday then rest on Sunday) so here is the problem when I reached Archon 5 with 91% the problem starts I kept on losing and I don't understand it even though my score was like 20 - 4 (Example Hero: Sven) and as a support I make sure to put WARDS on the important parts of the map to help my team so on and so for but I still lose and now I am on 8 to 12 losing streak, I wanna get out of the mess so please help me!

    What should I do to get out?

    I am also looking for a coach, mentor or teacher that will teach me how to get better on playing DOTA 2.

    Server: SEA
    Role: (Comfortable on playing pos 1/2) (Can play support as pos 4/5) (Barely with pos 3 Off lane depends on the hero as well)

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      dont pick pudge/jugg = +++mmr

      BlackComb | MojaOfficial


        I see but I do play pudge frequently since I love to blind hook other players and it feels awesome!

        Thank you for the answer I will follow your suggestion. :)

        Can you also be my mentor? :)

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        500 IQ PLAYER

          practice invoker. tthe easiest hero to grindmmr fast in your bracket


            there are so fucking many things you arent doing/doing wrong

            BlackComb | MojaOfficial

    , can you please help me improve?

              Shingeki no peruvian

                spam support, in low ranked games you usually lack wards, tps and early lane harrass.. I went from 2.2k to 4.2k just supporting...
                but try to make it a support that has some core/pushing capabilities, like silencer, rhasta, jakiro
                silencer can become a carry with 120gpm talent, rhasta and jakiro can take towers easily if the team doesnt respond quick (which they wont do in archon..)


                  There is no secret, keep playing and keep learning, soon enough you will improve and gain mmr.


                    Incase you're playing carry, practise alot of last hitting.. And if your supports don't get wards, buy em yourself.. It cost only 75 g. Hold a dust if there is an invisible hero even if you're playing carry. Compromise with your team on roles and mute them if needed. Just focus in your game. And try to communicate with your team. Finally, focus on your objectives coz objective >kills. Hope this helps.


                      Biggest problem with 2ks is they don’t know when to split push or not feed. If your support is dying 1v4 don’t run over and think you will get an ultra kill.

                      design by subtraction

                        i think 2.8k was the most annoying part in my climb....i abused riki when he was op to get past that
                        so yeah maybe just use an op grimstroke maybe

                        pinoys are assholes

                          ban every phillipino from the game and then only then you can climb.
                          Coz putang ina mo wont let you last hit and will never ever fucking pick support :)


                            Lol inyried playing support, wards, tps, stacks, creep control, but my fucking carry is noob 😂 wasting my efforts that why im not picking support anymore, if you want to win try pos 2 and 3

                            joan elise

                              pick older titan, use back path and get them with your dmg
                              pipe and blame mail you can win at any role


                                We both have the same problem. After getting Archon 5 I started losing, from 2.9k to 2.6k this week. I started using dota+ ranked roles and just spam queue mid, so far I got 3 win streak. Good luck to both of us, 20 wins to go.

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                                Yami Yugi

                                  same problem here.... climbing stop exactly there where almost no people want to support but is bad at LH too wtf.

                                  Also they don't get the idea of dewarded, when the map is black they would simply complain even when the ward stock is zero.

                                  Map awareness is also an issue, rendering placed ward useless.

                                  One thing I learned from top players, they spam MID hero like @WHAT A LOL said, it maybe key to our problem.

                                  I tried phoenix mid once and it works wonder (even when my LH is terrible).

                                  I have a motto right now, bad MID bad GAME. Most of the time.


                                    during my 2ks i just first pick clinkz and lycan.

                                    RosHan Solo

                                      @ OP
                                      I recently spammed my way outta Archon (went from Archon III -Legend I in a month or so of playing around work). Looking at your profile in the last 15 games you've played 11 heroes. My advice: stick to 2-3.

                                      You need to decide what role you want to play and concentrate on it... Pick your Pos 1-5 then another as a backup (I play Pos3 but can play Pos1 and if i really need to Pos5 but not well)

                                      P.S. You're last Axe game.. Don't consider Axe if you have no intention of buying blink/shadowblade.. brown boots -> vanguard -> blink -> blademail -> BKB/Lotus/Pipe... also dont be afraid to buy out of the norm like you guys really needed an Urn against Huskar.