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General DiscussionHappy World Sleep Day ~~~

Happy World Sleep Day ~~~ in General Discussion

    Happy world sleep day everyone! I am going to celebrate by staying in bed all day! Does anyone want to join me in bed for some celeberations?!

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    keel (جامد جامد)

      i'm pretty sleepy ngl


        sleeping overrated


          Ya i didnt even get 5 hours go fk urself

          Pale Mannie

            i mourn the death of Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar right now which is also coincidentally my birthday

            märchen meines lebens

              reminder for anyone considering to post here

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                Never heard of this day before. Sure if we were real life friends i would take the bait.


                  Ironically by posting that image you are infact the only person discussing that incident >.>


                    So much time wasted to sleep doing nothing

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                      another atention seeking thread



                        so mods close interesting threads but ignore these threads? Parma were you ignored as a child? 0.o


                          Yes ‍ ‍


                            Come Parma, I'll give you a hug.


                              Today is badminton day, let's all play badminton I'll give 500 dollars to anyone who can beat me in a game of badminton.
                              PS: I quit Dora and going pro in badminton. I'm bad btw.


                                I still havent gotten out of bed tbh