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    Is selling account easy? Like how long will it take for someone to click on your item and buy it? Which mmr is the easiest to sell?


      Would love to know.

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        you are spending 100 to 200 hours just to make 30 dollars. You are making 15 cents a hour. Factor in the cost of electricity. You are better off walking in new york looking for pennies on the street while catching coronavirus.

        Natalie Sup'Portman

          The comment above me is seriously underrated.

          SIMPLY LEMONADE 1.54L

            there is an update. Smurfs are getting extra mmr from winning games. Theres this booster in facebook, he tracks his mmr every game and every win he gets 100-150 mmr. I think its the system pushing smurfs out of low bracket so they won't ruin games for these players.


              Do not give your account away until they pay you. Read up on charge backs as well, people can refund the payment after sending it.


                Doesn't mt bought accounts get banned after I start to play with em in VHS? If it does do I get second account for free?

                Kabir singh's bo0ster

                  I sold a Divine fucking 1 account for 50 euro, its crazy how much animals pay for a 4k account. But as @NineO_OSix said looking for pennies is a more viable job then boosting Dota 2 accounts.

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                    Yo where did u guys get buyer? I tried to sell mine for 10 dollars. Still no one would buy it. They seems to be more interested in the inventory rather than the mmr.
                    I only payed dota for fun so i never really spend money on cosmetic or steam wallet

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                      I guess better idea might be to boost existing accounts (boosting service) ? instead of selling accounts.


                        Heres an idea, get a job.