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General DiscussionWho are people leaving every game.

Who are people leaving every game. in General Discussion
Kabir singh's bo0ster

    Last time I left a DOTA 2 game was when my grandma died, I was back in 2 minutes. Why every single game some absolute fucking animal needs a 5 minute pause, this should be punishable by a beheading.

    Тази тема била редактирана
    pissfuck shitass gaytard

      hey kabir how are you? what is your mmr now

      Pale Mannie

        lets go kill poor people to solve poverty

        pos 3 player

          internet and pc problem

          El Rubo Trajeao

            or better yet, each one eats an indigent, we solve 2 problems at once, poverty and famine


              It happened a few times for me right after I joined I had to take a huge shit. Sooo priorities right ?