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Reasons why divines ruin games in General Discussion
Tidehunter spammer

    1. Shit picks
    2. Can't play the hero
    3. Shit build
    4. Can't play the game
    5. Annoying in chat.

    Marshall doesn't Mather



        oh, really? Annoying in chat? Probably if you fix ur damn attitude when u see something new they might play better? You were there too and now just because your mmr is like 400 mmr higher it doesnt matter anything.


          What heroes do you suggest for picking offlane?


            also no one fucking plays their role

            china actor

              divine bracket is fun


                1. Picks only their hero. Because I don't know how to play another hero. For example me Ursa spammer. If I pick Invoker I will play like a right click hero.
                2. Can't play the hero. No other choice because the hero is their best.
                3. Shit build. Because they like their build like they like their hero. For example I always buy Blink Dagger on my Ursa. I don't care what others think.
                4. Can't play the game. If we can't play the game we won't be Divine anymore.
                5. Annoying in chat. We play ranked at a high MMR! We have right to be annoyed in chat. :axe_laugh: :laugh: :lick: :charm_rage: :rage:

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                  >just chilling in queue for 5 minutes
                  >get into games with divines being the only immortal
                  >sees lvl 74 divine 3
                  > uncalib dog spotted
                  > more unsightly divines


                    you just described the 5 commandments of dota

                    Tidehunter spammer

                      It's literally always the divines ruining the games.

                      Tom Hanks

                        always them, definitely not u champ


                          @Apipe : You are one weird person bro..


                            >on immortal account
                            >gets divine 1 dogshit mid that picked lencer last pick
                            >4:30 mins in my carry and i gets zapped by a zeus ult
                            >4 0 zeus in 5 mins

                            just smile :)