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    I climbed to 4k, I have 9.5k behaviour score, I select pos 3+4, 25 min queue at 20:00. Maybe dota is actually going to die next year

    Jon Bones Jones

      gaem daed


        I select russia I find a game in 5 minutes, but from 3 games in this server I lost all 3.
        In 2 games i had hard support storm spirit


          uncheck ranked strict solo queue


            Not in SEA Server sir

            Telttis =D alive inside

              game no dead but dogs refuse to play pos 5 so queue takes forever mens))


                cyka blyat


                  at least you are not play at SEA, man

                  Mr. Bot

                    thats why you buy smurfs and have fun killing them because once you get to high mmr its long queue time


                      so far EU, NA, SEA can find matches fairly quick. What region are u in?


                        EU, but I only use EU W.
                        And I enabled strict solo MM because I dont want to play with some iranian triple stack where their archon 5 plays core.

                        But I guess I have to, every 3rd game I find after 15 min qeue is "behaviour score variying strongly" yeah, sure, I don't mind playing with some 6k behaviour score invo


                          I literally found game today in 2s


                            xd xd xd xd xd xd xd