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Tinker is extremely broken in General Discussion

    I don't understand why people consider the hero to be highly complex and hard to play, when all it takes you most of the time is to spam 2 buttons from 1203912093021 meter distance, as his rockets reach almost across the entire map. Almost infinite source of PURE type damage that also makes your opponent miss you even if they somehow catch you in the trees you jump in every 2 seconds. As if that wasn't enough, there's now also support tinker that protects teammates for shitloads of damage WHILE still being able to spam rockets standing almost at his fountain. Tinker ends up dealing the most damage in 95% of my games (Even if he's support!!!), while this is not even the type of damage that you could say about venomancer for example, where it's a HUGE amount of damage, which just ticks slowly, therefore enemy is able to regen that in time so it's just damage in numbers, NO, this is actual burst damage that he deals by spamming indefinitely! Wasn't able to predict a Tinker pick and counter it? Well too bad, as 55% winrate on divine-and-up ranks will tell you, you've pretty much lost it right there.

    My complaint and logical solution is dead simple: Tinker breaks the game of Dota by playing in with the WTF command, where you can chainlock your opponent in an endless loop of stuns, hexes, dagons and so on. My solution to this would be limiting the recharges, making each charge have a cooldown until it's up again. Alternatively, I remember a very creative idea, which unfortunately I can't find anymore, but as I recall it involved the mechanic of "overheating", where each time tinker would use ultimate, it would either take longer time to recharge next time and/or make his manapool decrease with each use, until the effect passes. I understand each of these has its ups and downs and would require a lot of testing, however I would rather start trying new things like these out, rather than have a completely broken hero playing game with infinite spells turned on.

    Тази тема била редактирана
    Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      I too, kinda want to rework Tinker rearm. But he is not broken as you think. Any hero can be broken depends on how you describe it.

      OD can one shot any hero at min5 if he is lvl6 and has meme hammer.
      SF can one shot any hero with only Euls.
      or Lycan can eat you alive anytime he wants.

      Tinker strength relies on his team and opponent picking. If he met let say Viper (always cancel his dagger unless he is careful), Spec (can catch him from anywhere), Clockwerk (can solo kill him with blademail), he will not be that effective.

      That being said, I want to rework his rearm.

      Old Rearm
      Channel time: 3.5/2/1.25sec
      Mana: 150/225/300
      CD: 0

      New Rearm
      Channel time: 1.25sec
      Charges: 3/6/9/ (+3 Aghs charges)
      Mana: 150/225/300
      Charges Restore time: 3sec

      But why?
      To make Tinker more useful early game with more faster channeling time Rearm. And also to balance Tinker late game, cuz he can dag out infinite times as long as he has mana. With 9 rearm charges, he will plan his attack more carefully. While 9 rearm charges still seems a lot, its better than infinite. That also limit the infinite missile when defending high ground.


        tinker s3 statres and dmg absorb is too op lol i think

        i seen topson live mutiple times because of it even tho the guy get stunned

        Bick Dig

          There's one simple solution and Tinker will get normal:
          - Make his Ult not be able to reset the Blink cooldown IF AND ONLY IF the cooldown comes from a hero-inflicted damage. Simple as that.