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General Discussionmy friend who used to be rank 3400 8 months ago now legend 5

my friend who used to be rank 3400 8 months ago now legend 5 in General Discussion
mmr drainage system

    this is one of the match IDs, he is playing mirana there. If you can notice, the rest are mid divines while others go down either ancient 5 or 3. but most of them are still divines. He is even bragging that he climb from rank 3600 to 3400 since he won 3-1 after the calib but then, his natural mmr slowly showing. even with ancient 1-3 he is keeping up with his lose streaks.
    When he dropped from immortal to divine, he just said that its just easy to get VHS and get immortal again but what happened is from divine 3, after recalibration, it just amplify the mmr burning, from divine 3 to ancient 3 and now after spamming and badly wanted to climb back to immortal again he is now legend 5 lul.

    MATCH ID 6386725486, he's playing mirana.
    now, i have higher medal by 1 star to him. i hope he wont tell me what to do the time we play together again.


    we are playing ran online before and told me he was divine, after recalibration he gets immortal and he was surprised with that either. now i think he is so done playing dota and might just play mir4 again.


      Can you shorten the problem to 1 sentence so we can see actual question there?

      flourishing new leaf

        He bought his account. Don't believe anything he says. He't got an anonymous account. That should tell you enough if the fact he went down from immortal to legend 5 isn't obvious enough.


          yeah don't believe his sob story, he bought his account and just sucks and wants to make friends with higher level players so they can carry him

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          snow jam

            I believe this is possible if he left dota for over a year




                still higher and better than me, sadge moment


                  @fearblxde ты блять в каждой теме намерен этот комментарий оставить?)


                    @tetris player ))))


                      I think I play with your friend every game


                        I was 3.8-4k stable for years, toped out at 4.6k eventually

                        crusader 5 now and still going down

                        I stopped playing Dota actively, so i guess maybe that's the reason, but still, 2k mmr less is pretty damn high

                        Dota changed a lot imo


                          To ti je tako kad si star

                          incoming forced fiddy

                            @vertox you getting older that's why, it's hard to compete when you are 25+ with job & friends


                              He smurfed and won't bother to add you again.

                              back in fucking herald^

                                Yeah Vertox here from 3.1 - legend 1 to herald, Australia server only.
                                My last match herald 2 juked my stun with bottled illusions I know nothing extra but few years ago that would be actually a high archon or legend player play.
                                At least on Australia server I'm just amazed how skilled player's you meet in fucking herald.

                                I feel here bit of same taste as in poker,just 10 years ago it was easy to make money if you we're only decent,you could earn mmr same way with most player's being fish-noob,these days even that fishy noon is very experienced player.

                                PS message for icefrog:
                                Make wisp hard to play again


                                  @Vertoxity and @back in herald. As the game loses population the first players to leave are the low skill players. That's why there is a gradual creep towards herald.

                                  I have exactly the same situation. Used to be 3.2K MMR now hard stuck at around 1.8 despite the fact I am actually BETTER at the game now. Skill floor just keeps moving upwards as the casuals get bored and leave the game.


                                    So the trench is as REAL as in Ukraine then?



                                      I believe this is possible if he left dota for over a year

                                      i have a hard time believing even this unless he went straight to ranked and immediately tilted hardcore

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                                          I have a friend who were 4,6k about 8 years ago. He's now crussader 5


                                            most meaningful rating


                                              @fgaegs that's what happen to my friends account hes previous rank is in ancient i calibrated it win 8 lose 2 now hes mmr is 2300, he quits few years ago

                                              flourishing new leaf

                                                The game is not harder. Just way more cheaters and the segregation of games by behavior score makes it so no matter what you do you win or lose as intended by the algorithm.

                                                Queso Parmesano

                                                  the game is fundamentally different from years ago and dota itself is not mecanically intensive, the only way to get good or stay on above divine brackets is basically understanding the meta. even farm patterns, items to maximize GPM or even push faster change dramatically depending whether they get buffed or nerfed, picks who used to play around a certain timing now work completely on other timings (think of old tidehunter and post aghs meta tidehunter), even after 2018 everyone knew game was going fast pace LETS BROOL every one fucking minute with low cooldowns, strongers pos 4 and 5 (the idea of skywrath doing this much magical damage in fucking pre 2015 was unthinkable, or even CM ult) forced BKB because of said strong casters, which is basically a battle early timings and by then game is basically decided unless you got a fucking black hole or some shit.

                                                  every year you basically gotta relearn the game not to stay on anshits or legend brackets because you'll scratch your head and quit saying game is shit now simply because what keeps it "fresh" is the meta 'development' if you can call it that.

                                                  That being said I don't think anyone ever respected at people who were "5k" years ago but climbed with fucking broodpicking, TA lastpicking or lycan picking lmao