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Time-based events in Dota 2 [updated to patch 7.33/7.34] in General Discussion

    Been a while, but I finally updated my time-based events infographic. The New Frontiers Update, or patch 7.33, was huge. So there's a ton of stuff added and changed.

    Patch 7.34 and subsequent lettered patches didn't change anything major, so this infographic works for both updates.

    Time-based events in Dota 2 [updated to patch 7.33/7.34]

    Access to the full infographic requires a subscription. This goes a long way in supporting me and allows me to make more such guides and tools for Dota!

    Major updates:

    - Added all the new stuff from patch 7.33 (wisdom runes, tormentor, healing lotuses, etc.)

    - Removed Outposts (since they no longer give XP)

    - Widened the infographic to be more mobile-compatible (as requested by many)

    - Cleared a lot of clutter and made it much simpler to read at a glance

    - Added an additional block at the end so the infographic ends at 69 minutes.

    - Updated all values to latest patch (7.34c)

    - Added brief description of all events at the bottom of the guide

    Previous patches:

    Time-based events in Dota 2 [patch 7.28]

    Time-based events in Dota 2 [patch 7.29]

    Time-based events in Dota 2 [patch 7.30e]

    Let me know if you'd like to see a more detailed version that includes values of lane creep stats, neutral creep stats, etc.

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      Great work !


        This is incredible... Thank you for the hard work! :)