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i need smurf coach in General Discussion

    how do smurf win all their games? example here :
    what could i do more so i can win this game?

    i accept harsh criticism please i need the way :(


      Smurfs make dagger on magnus.

        ill try bro

        Ryūjin no ken wo kurae

          train,learn, play a lot.


            Win all(most) games by playing 2-3 heros at very high level of accuracy in terms of timing and farm, which does not need a team to win. I suggest playing Meepo, Brood, Slark, SF, Luna, Lina, Lycan, Beastmaster. Learn to get totally out of controle within the first 10-15 mins push and take map controle fast, kill everyone who stands in your way and end games fast. Know all your core item timings. Know your counters and how to play against them. Know your ward spots.

            No need to care much for what your team picks or how they play.
            DO NOT RELY ON YOUR OWN SUPPORTS TO WARD/GANK AND DO NOT RELY ON YOUR CARRY/OFFLANER/MID TO CARRY YOU! AND DONT COMPLAIN, ALL GOOD SMURFS BUY THEIR OWN WARDS, SENTRIES ETC. FARM AND PUSH! IF THEY DONT WIN, THEY DONT MIND BECAUSE THEY PLAY 70-90% WINRATE AND WILL STILL LOSE OCCASIONALLY. Just find a good strategy with any of those heros and play like 100 games in a row with just those two heros, optimize your farm and stack yourself.

            Here a few examples of me playing to boost, sorry its a bit old. But I dont really upload to youtube:

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                ill work on those brother, thank you for your advice!!

                u suck kid

                  first off, don't play pos 4 magnus, you useless POS

                  i always hate when my pos 4 magnus sits behind and does nothing but sap xp.

                  smurfs play high impact heroes that are aggressive, not cuck heroes that wait for the perfect moment


                    I wasn't playing pos 4, I queued offlane and tide was pos 4 that game.
                    This game made me realize to stop playing the game for a while.

                    its my 3rd day not playing the game, hope my mental will go back to normal.