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    Lord Uranus



        nice informations

        Despair | 絶望

          this will be really handy


            Really helpful read, thanks.

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              That's a fantastic infographic, thanks for making it.


                Map is good. Just take not of the new pathing. can get screwed by it lol


                  Helpful, tnx/


                    this is actually helpful


                      U should also insert the offlanepulls on 19/49 and the double stack on shrines on 54/55 etc


                        *insert it on map visually


                          I think this was the most simply and positively helpful article recently, nice read.


                            Fuck the new stacking - dire can now stack 2 camps with no aoe (54 and 53 can be stacked by any ranged hero) while radiant has a shitty 55-55 on their antient and hard camps. Nice side balance, valve!


                              Yea, this is so unbalanced, for example. if u are dire side and go mid range, you can easy pull stack near you 54 and make easy 2-3 stacks even another 54 camp and late take good farm, but if u are radiant and go mid, you can't pull stack 55, first of all u lose a lot of time, because forest block your vision, and u have to go toward river or in the direction of the base. The only way is to buy quelling blade and cut some trees.

                              i hate dota

                                Those warding spots always helps, thanks!


                                  the 53 pull is back for radiant, i think that evens out the "dire advantage" in the rest of the map. also mid can farm the camp there without moving as much IF theyre melee


                                    lol just cut those trees