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    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

      Lately I've been getting a similar success in my middle of the road bracket with Dazzle. I've won games as all 5 positions, but, at least for me, the strange aspect is that my build doesn't change. Bad Juju is effective no matter what item you get, so long as it can activate. So as a pos1 or a pos5 I'm still going for medallion as soon as I can safely do so. I like these kinds of heroes, where the question is how pronounced of an effect you want from these skills and when.

      Pioneering LP champion

        You said nothing about the occasional Radiance build


          Thoughts on skipping ult at lvl 6 if running pos 5?


            @etdawesome, never skip ult at lvl6, even as pos 5. The extra time you will get in the fight should allow you to cast an extra coil and shield. Even if you only cast one, it will be more beneficial than an extra point in that skill.


              "Before Abaddon's allied cores get their BKBs." Omegalul cores buying BKBs in pubs like they want to actually win

              Legend V



                  Gee I wonder why....

                  His ultimate absorbs most popular ultimates, allowing space for allies in a teamfight (assuming, of course, it's the higher level bracket omg i wish i was there SoBayed...4Head), and not playing with brainless animals, excuses for human beings?

                  Aphotic shield debuffs most stuns and slows, and frostmourne silences squishy supports.

                  Man dude, Kawaii Socks, i'm an autistic, brain damaged 0 mmr player, but this article REALLY helped me out. Thank you so much sir.

                  mPa4HblṊ 3aMΣC

                    Just build a couple euls against him and he is useless for the rest of the game.


                      Your TI9 predict sucks