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Brünk Hüll

    This meta will probably be viewed as too shallow in the future, but honestly there were a lot of times teams had to switch up their drafts. I didn't feel like there was any hero outside of maybe Bristle and Dazzle that commanded the drafts. All other powerful heroes seemed to be swapped in and out of picks and bans. It wasn't impossible to figure out the strong heroes, but it did feel like it was harder than normal to figure out what heroes would be first pick/ban material game to game. That's not a bad place to be all things considered.

    It also felt far less reliant on cheese and pocket picks than the last few years. This patch did have popular heroes, but not a lot of combos that took teams deep like we had with Spirit Magnus or Secret Dawn+invis or Tiny Lycan. Closest we had to cheese was probably Pugna+carry, and even that was not some extremely specific interaction used to exploit a game state; it was just a great siege ability.

    I think you're sleeping on the Weaver as a great pick for pubs. The amount of magic damage you can put out with shukuchi during laning phase is frustrating for any semi-squishy offlaner, and it's easy to pair with a lot of heroes. It's easy to put out damage, and with the Satanic + [honestly pick any proc] build, you're a lot tankier than people will expect. Just watch out for silences, they are worse than stuns.

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      Where is weaver


        Weaver isn't doing so well in pubs, yet. I'm keeping a close eye on the hero, might make a feature post later


          I’d pick brood here


            I hope heart is reworked back to the older version again, get rid of the constant regen bs.


              Not that I have much interest in the hero, but not including Muerta is a mistake. She was a very highly contested carry-support flex. Her impact in draft and utility are nearly unparalleled right now.


                I'm a bit surprised that Spirit Breaker does not get a mention in this list. The hero is very strong in pubs and punishes uncoordinated play and players that are out of position. There was a segment at this TI where pro players were asked which hero they thought was the most broken, and Spirit Breaker was the majority of answers.

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                    People talking about weaver, weaver is a very strong hero but it has a very unique way of playing the map and fights. If you're not aware of it, it isn't a good hero for you. That's why weaver isn't that great in pubs. Whereas CK and Spectre is very easy to play.


                      where's SB?


                        no sb?

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                            Weaver is incredibly strong regardless of what "meta" the game happens to be in, same with Nessaj. Anyway gg fellas wish you all good health and wealth in this century.


                              Grimstroke and Muerta were picked in almost all games also.


                                I actually did some data analysis on the ti, to then find best & worst team on each hero with >13 games. On the way to do that, i also had to actually get the ranking of those heroes:
                                The heroes are ordered on this screenshot.

                                Fun fact, once having enoguh games, spectre, naga & dazzle were top 1&2&3 except for spectre who felt on the last two day of ti

                                Other fun fact, if you were to consider muerta p1 & muerta p4 as two different heroes, muerta p1 would have been the worst hero of the ti

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                                  should you not look at the bans to see the most broken heroes? ;D
                                  like necro ck primal etc?

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                                    CK is absolutely broken, yeah. But if you look at Necro/Primal in pubs below Divine, you will see that they are a very hard recommendation. The heroes are awesome when played by someone who knows how to utilize them well, but personally, I am aiming at crusader-legend players in my posts most of the time. They are the largest portion of the player base, they are willing to learn and I have enough Dota knowledge to actually help and guide them.

                                    I don't think I am currently in position to teach Divine+ players if I am being completely honest. Maybe three years ago, but not now, and the reason is generally explained here:


                                    Brünk Hüll

                                      The top bans this year also seemed to be heroes that made it easier to exploit the actually strong heroes too. Banning out Treant, for instance, was very popular, but the hero only had a 50% winrate roughly.


                                        They should rework lone druid, what a shit hero to play against xd
                                        GG was abusing it aswell. TSpirit knew how to deal with it though.

                                        Big Mad Andy

                                          Chaos Knight has a higher winrate in the offlane in pubs than the safelane.