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    There is no potential situation where you can focus well on both - girl and dota.
    You want gf maybe few times a week invite her for dinner and spent night together.This could work very limited time,usually just till that girl realised she is at best number two,not a mention if you have some next love like sport,fishing,drinking with friends or whatever,than she could be easily number 3 in your actual life and there are not girl who can stand this.
    You can have it but you can't keep it.

    Try to find balance in your life.
    I mean you can't really try hard doto as you would like to and have gf which you can give her all you love.

    Play doto and be happy but dont forgot accepting some real life challenges.

    Yami Yugi

      OMGLMFAO :) :) :) this post almost turn into a total comedy! XD

      listen to @P9^ and the (serious) rest reply dude, be realistic, think every possibilities.

      Maybe even better if you have a girl bestfriend to ask about girl first, make sure you don't fall on her instead :D

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        get a rank like mine then just add any girl u want l0l

        and then u get stuck playing dota with huffy

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        Suck my tiny curry dick

          P9^ is a fucking tool
          I have a few friends who have gf/wives who are also gamers.
          They spend quite a bit of time playing games together
          One couple I know plays dota a lot. The guy actually spent lot of time playing rank and went up.
          Every girl is different and if you find one who plays games, especially dots then you can focus on both.

          Your Depression

            girls just dont like some types of guys, just get used to it like i did and continue watching pronhab

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              what's the point of trying when you'll never get a gf like this

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                    Play tf2 with them. Worked for me. 100% success rate :)

                    I'm the boss <3

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                        dont trust those ones who use so many filters for their photos; if they do it, there is a reason why

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                          it's ok i'm not getting a gf anyway
                          i can dream at least


                            Can't you just move to Ayy lmao you baboons

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                              i am going to shitpost wherever i damn please

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                                  Gay adventures

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                                      World Wide WEEB love *wheelchair*

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                                        who needs gf when you're top 100


                                          i dont click on many threads on these forums but whenever i do i manage to stumble upon the cringiest fa.ggots on earth

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                                            well maybe im late give advice.

                                            whatever here a tip :

                                            skill you need to get gf
                                            -talk abilities
                                            -abilities to dress and perform


                                              Play more Riki , he will get you used to hitttimg from the back , which all best positions are .


                                                Ask symetrical hes ripped af and have a gf and is top rank , everybodys man dream


                                                  Just find a girl who shares your passion for DotA, talk to her in-game, get to know each other, declare your love when you feel the time is right. If she accepts, just spend time outside of your own school and work with her. Try to spend time every day (though specifically how much of each day is dependent on your comfort zone and her level of cling) and show her how much you care when you are at work or school. Be sure to branch out to interests that aren't just DotA (cuz no girl likes just DotA) and do things together.

                                                  Once you all have that down, you can schedule a few dates and mail/give a few presents.

                                                  Every man is different. Know what you want from the girl and find the right one for you. No matter what you want, she should compliment your needs and you should complement hers.

                                                  If you want to keep her, just continue to be the man of her dreams. Some women prefer honesty. Others prefer flattery. Some women want loyalty. Others want 高富帅. Just find out what she wants, tell her what you want, and ask "can I meet that with my current effort? If not, is she upholding her obligations to me? If not, is it worth it for me to spend more?" IN this process, you will fight, but love only grows stronger if you can fight and make up and grow together.

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                                                  The Weeknd

                                                    I get girl ez. Just show them this pic of mine in profile. Thats the epitome of good looks. They will be moist.